He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/15/16

Prof:  I feel like a little Fleetwood Mac today.

A’s 2, Rangers 5 – Adrian Beltre hit a grand-slam that shut the door on the A’s.

Royals 3, Tigers 1 Prof:  Miguel Cabrera left the game with a strained biceps.

Blue Jays 0, Yankees 1Prof:  Aaron Judge keeps his hot streak going with an RBI double, which was all New York needed to defeat R.A. Dickey and Toronto.

Marlins 6, Reds 3Ozuna keeps up the fantastic season he’s having, but the big question, is he good enough to shoulder the burden on his own without Stanton around.

Padres 2, Rays 8 Prof:  Tampa Bay converts every hit to a run. More impressive? They pretty much did it all in the eighth inning. Logan Forsythe gets a two run homer in the second.

Nationals 5, Rockies 4 Washington digs out of an early 3-0 hole as it looks like Bryce Harper may finally be hitting again.  Max Scherzer lasted only 4 innings.


Red Sox 3, Indians 2Prof:  David Ortiz hit his 27th home run of the season, and Boston scored all of their runs in the sixth. Craig Kimbrel gets the save.

Mets 6, D’Backs 10Prof:  Seriously. What happened to the Mets? What can you lay your finger on? Is it the loss of Daniel Murphy? Yoenis Cespedes? Is it Matt Harvey’s injury and Jacob deGrom’s slow start? Is it the lack of David Wright’s leadership?  A very bad outing from Bartolo Colon puts an ugly cap on an ugly night for New York. In other news, Paul Goldschmidt is still ridiculously good – 3-4 at the plate.

Mariners 3, Angels 2Both Trout and Cruz homered.  Seattle has now won 9 of the last 10 while the Angels have dropped 11 in a row.

Pirates 8, Giants 5With the loss the Dodgers are just a half game back from the division lead and are beginning a series against the Phillies.

13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/15/16

  1. Scherzer didn’t pitch poorly last night, not exactly, but after a long first inning, he was laboring, and the Rockies were making him work, to the tune of 97 pitches through four innings. I’m sure he could’ve gutted out another couple innings had it been necessary, but the Nats are in a position right now (up 8 1/2 in the division) where they don’t have to light their starting pitchers on fire during their annual visit to Colorado, and so when Scherzer’s spot in the order led off the 5th, he was removed for a pinch hitter. He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he said all the right things post-game, including offering well-deserved praise to the bullpen for putting up five scoreless innings in relief of him.

    Harper went 3-3 with two doubles and a couple of walks thrown in. It’s been mentioned that this is the first game he managed to reach base five times since Mother’s Day in Chicago when the Cubs walked him six times and plunked him once in 13 innings. Some, including me, feel like that’s the day that the season went bad for Harper, so maybe this will be the bookend to that stretch.

    In a bit of silliness from last night, Mike Maddux’s doppelganger was in attendance:

    As for Fleetwood Mac, I’ve always gravitated toward this song:


  2. Tigs lost, Miggy dinged up. Ugh. Enough with the injuries already!

    As for Fleetwood Mac, my opinion is anything Christine McVie > anything Stevie Nicks. But for a video I’ll go waaaaaay back to this classic. And for fun I’ll toss in a cover by a popular local Detroit band from the late ’70’s, introduced by one of the coolest guys to ever don a pair of sunglasses. G’Day all.

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  3. “Ozuna keeps up the fantastic season he’s having, but the big question, is he good enough to shoulder the burden on his own without Stanton around.”


    Because it’s not just the Iron Giant who’s MIA (missing in action, not the airport). Justin Bour, Wei Yin Chen, A J Ramos and Adam Conley are all on the DL and none are likely back before mid to late September.

    Second, Ozuna’s “fantastic season” is coming orf a 1-28 and 0-14 streak. He’s been terrible in August. Whatever woke him up yesterday, I didn’t see any empty cans of it lying around under the bench.

    Next season, maybe. This year? Fishing and hiking season opens on October 3.


  4. It was so nice of ESPN to film their 3 hour A-Rod retirement analysis special with the Tigers game in the background. I think it said: the Yankees matter no matter what division is playing.


  5. The Twins didn’t lose Monday. “Oh, how is that” you ask? Because they didn’t fucking play!!! Pitching really fucking sucks right now. Dozier keeps hitting dingers that only matter to him and his fans. Ugh. Hopefully he’ll hit them when the team is relevant someday.
    I’m moving on to football I think. It’s Fantasy Football prep time and I’m hoping for good things from my Vikings this year.

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    • Not trying to tell you how to rant but, maybe you should have a couple more ” fucking fucks” instead of plain old ” fuck” to let Francisco know that you’re not kidding.

      Mad Chef ; The Twins didn’t lose Monday. “Oh, how is that” you ask? Because they didn’t fucking play!

      Slappy; The Twins didn’t lose Monday. ” Oh, how is that” you ask? Because those muthahfackahs didn’t even fucking play! The fucking fuckers have no Fucking pitchers worth a fucking fuck and fucking Dozier ONLY hits fucking homers when the fucking FUCK and his fucking stupid fucking fanboys should get the fuck with the fucking program so we can win a fucking game once in a fucking while when it fucking counts! See?

      This has been another unsolicited advice comment from Slappy’s fucking guide to hate raging.

      Good first try though. Cheers

      P.S. I think that the Vikings make the playoffs.


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