Eric Thames remains “hot target” for Major and NPB league teams

(Translated, via SK news media outlet Naver sports.)

Eric Thames has become the center of attention among players in the KBO today, not just because of his humor and well-liked personality, but also being one of the top offensive players performing right now in the league. Batting well above .300 in 3 consecutive years playing for the NC Dinos in Changwon (playing mostly as the teams’ first baseman).

Knowing this will be Thames’ final year of his contract with the team, the former big leaguer has already attracted the interest of “multiple” Major league teams, even with a scout from an undisclosed MLB team via Naver sports link even saying that he is more than ready to come back, and play in the Major leagues”.

Also, other than MLB, a couple of teams in NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) has also shown interest in signing Thames next season, the Hanshin Tigers and Yomiuri Giants, which are both in the Central league division. Scouts all over has been flocking Masan stadium just to see him play.

Currently in the season, Eric Thames is batting .333 (11th place in the league), blasting 35 home runs (league leading), 97 RBI’s (tied for 2nd), 94 runs scored (league leading), and .447 in On Base Percentage (4th place). Back in year 2015, Eric Thames won the KBO league MVP award, edging out former Nexen Heroes slugger, and current Minnesota Twins player Park Byung-ho.

Other than Eric Thames, by the way, MLB teams are also checking in on starter Kim Kwang-hyun (SK Wyverns), starter Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA Tigers), and 3B Hwang Jae-gyun (Busan Lotte Giants)… All 3 of these players will be an International free agent by the end of the season, meaning no posting fee is to be required to pay for their KBO league teams. They have already expressed interest, and has been longing to play in the Majors for quite a long time now, so, expect these players too to be in the list in this upcoming off-season acquisitions.

5 thoughts on “Eric Thames remains “hot target” for Major and NPB league teams

  1. Just out of curiosity, how does one become well liked and personable when no one else can understand your jokes?

    By the way, about two dozen high ranking Macondo county councilmen, district representatives and three dog catchers are on their way to Manila to surrender to Duerte for smoking weed.


    • They just like his personality, the way he plays and enjoys the game. He’s a pretty funny dude when I watched some of his games via SPOTV when they play against LG. Mo Chang-min, and Kim Tae-goon are his well known best buddies, especially Kim.

      Starting at the 1:10 mark, I really love what Kim Tae-goon said about Thames here, “he’s been a really great friend to me, the way he’s been smiling all the time, despite our differences, which I don’t really mind just as long he enjoys the game (win or lose) playing with the rest of us, I’m more than happy.” Their bonds are really strong, even with the language barrier that ties them.

      There’s more to it than this, but this is the video that I really liked the most on what he said about Thames, and his years with the team.

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