Cubs Play Smack My Bitch Up As Chapman Leaves Mound


The Cubs have found themselves down one fired PA employee, and scrambling to offer up an apology after playing the worst possible musical selection as Aroldis Chapman left the mound during last night’s game.

The Cubs say they unintentionally played the song ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ last night when Aroldis Chapman walked off the mound in the ninth inning. The Cubs will have a strong response to it this morning. It was “unfortunate and should not have happened,” according to the team.

The Cubs offered up an apology and fired the person responsible.

So the Cubs are more than happy to employ a person who assaults a woman rather than one who has pretty shitty taste in music.  Damn Chicago, you are really making it easy to root against you this year.


8 thoughts on “Cubs Play Smack My Bitch Up As Chapman Leaves Mound

  1. Ok, so, time to vote: which of you think this was intentional trolling by someone unhappy at having Chapman on the team and which of you think it’s a very sorry attempt at “humor”?


      • All of what scout said (though I’ll reserve speculation about age). A song like that shouldn’t be played at a family place (e.g. a ballpark) at all. However, my first thought was “well, the song is appropriate isn’t it?”. That doesn’t mean I’d act on that thought and do what the PA person did.


  2. I do find it despicable that the Cubs went to get Chapman. Obviously they did it for baseball reasons, and they didn’t care that Chapman wasn’t about to donate to or participate in domestic violence prevention activities. All other things being unknown, I think it’s far worse that Chapman has a job in the majors than that PA guy. I think hearing that song one day at Wrigley isn’t going to result in injury. Whereas with Chapman…

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    • I feel this way every time K-Rod takes the mound. The only reason he didn’t go to jail was that he paid off/intimidated the witnesses. He is unapologetic and has done nothing to atone for his past actions that I know of. I hate having him for our closer. I expect him to violate MLB’s DV policy at some point and doubt that the Tigers can rehabilitate him like Miggy. But, as much as I hate having him go out (and have pointed out his DV on Twitter to the Tigers’ PR people), I wouldn’t find it amusing for an employee to troll him like this. It isn’t to be tolerated either.


  3. While I think Chapman is most likely an asshole, I don’t blame the Cubs at all. 100+ years without a fucking championship is a long friggan time! When they win the World series this year And if anything is left of Chicago after the fucking riots, you trade the guy five minutes after the parade ( through the burnt out husks of police cars and high rises) and you celebrate among the fallen .

    C’mon dude, at least while choking on the burning fumes of a city on fire, you’ll at least consider Theo Epstein for the HOF whilst running with your family in tow for shelter on the gold coast. You may have to ” evict” a rich family from their mansion, but I think that the bloodiest part will be done by then. C’mon, have you seen the Trump kids? They will eat their own!


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