Weekend Express – Scores for 8/13/16

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Here’s a little peaceful music to help you relax a bit.

Cardinals 8, Cubs 4

Braves 6, Nationals 7

Reds 11, Brewers 5

Royals 3, Twins 5 – Brian Dozier hits his 100th career home run.

Tigers 2, Rangers 0

Rockies 3, Phillies 6

Rays 4, Yankees 8 – A new sheriff is in town. Or, perhaps, Judge? Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge go back to back with their first big league at-bats in this New York win.

Astros 2, Blue Jays 4

Angels 1, Indians 5

Orioles 2, Giants 6

Pirates 4, Dodgers 8 – Don’t look now, but Joc Pederson is starting to heat up again.

D’backs 3, Red Sox 6

Padres 2, Mets 3 F/11

White Sox 8, Marlins 7

Mariners 4, Athletics 2

3 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 8/13/16

  1. Feesh boolpen implodes again after the Rainbow Warriors chase Price. The Iron Giant joins Justin Bour on the indeterminate disabled list with a groin pull and Adam Conley joins them both with tendinitis in his pitching hand.

    Postseason? Forget it. If these injuries are long-term, the Feesh will be lucky to break even. And now that they’ve sunk to 60-56, a half game behind the Cardinals for the wild card, it’s time for the strange attractor to be wheeled back out well. As Vonnegut opined, so it goes.

    But before we get to the strange attractor, here’s a recipe for a brunch dish I made this morning. It’s a Gator variation on a popular Israeli and Palestinian breakfast that can be adapted for other meals as well, slightly Latinized with fresh chopped cilantro and added minced lamb for savour:

    Old Gator’s Shak-Shuka

    Over low to low-medium heat, saute half a finely chopped onion and two chopped large garlic cloves in two tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet. When the onions soften slightly add half a cup of diced red, green and yellow bell peppers, 1 tsp of cumin, 1 tsp of paprika, 1/4 tsp of chili powder and some salt and pepper. When the peppers have begun to soften, add a small can of diced tomatoes (or three to four cups of diced fresh tomatoes), and a small handfull of finely chopped parsley and cilantro. A couple of pinches of crushed red pepper gives it a bit of zip too.

    Then add 1/2 cup of minced lamb pinched into small bits, and allow the mix to simmer, stirring occasionally to mix well. (Note: do not brown the lamb first; let it steep in the veggies, oil and spices until it cooks through.) Add salt and pepper to taste, and then two heaping tablespoons of tomato paste and stir well. Let the sauce reduce slightly until just slightly thickened.

    Crack 4-6 large to jumbo eggs one at a time onto the sauce mix – the simmering sauce will cook the eggs. Scoop up some sauce from around the sides of the pan and spoon back over the eggs. Cover and cook, still on low heat, until the eggs are “over easy” looking. You can also cook uncovered if you like a yellow yolk, but you might have to add a little chicken stock to the sauce before you add the eggs if you’re going to leave the skillet uncovered. This will keep the sauce from reducing too far. Garnish with more chopped parsley and cilantro and serve over toasted pita bread or matzo.

    You can also sprinkle with feta, mozzarella or add chickpeas.

    It’s a wake up call from the peace-ridden Levant.



    • I like the return of the OG recipe. I’ve got the parsley, cilantro and tomatoes in my garden as we speak. Sounds ferociously delicious. Il be trying this one soon. Thanks OG.


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