The Midnight Snack – Thursday

So… this happened…

Is this not the greatest thing you’ve seen, baseball wise, in a while? That’s freaking awesome. The umpire did those guys a solid, which is one of the few times a team can actually say that.

I know this is a baseball blog, but this is my nightly column, and I can only say this very few times during the course of a year, but DID YOU SEE THE SWIMMING COMPETITION THIS EVENING?


Michael Phelps may actually be the greatest athlete I’ve ever watched in my life. Seeing him win his fourth consecutive gold in men’s 200 IM, and in an absolutely dominating fashion, totally gave me life this evening. I really thought Ryan Lochte might come back to get bronze, but he fell off towards the end and by 25 meters on that last split, I knew it was over for him. I’d like to blame that weird hair he’s got going on.

Big, huge props to Simone Manuel, who with her gold winning performance today became the first African-American woman to win an individual medal in Olympic swimming. She came into the meet as a total underdog, possibly winning bronze, but she struck gold. What’s more important, to me at least, is that only a few decades ago the beautiful and talented Dorothy Dandridge put her foot in a swimming pool that was “whites only” and they drained the entire pool. And now Simone Manuel has won a gold medal for swimming. Times do change, and I am glad that I’m seeing it happening.



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