He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/11/16

Don’t have much of an intro for you today, but in case you haven’t seen this yet, you should really check out Zap Brannigan reading Donald Trump quotes.


Astros 15, Twins 7 – Game 1 – After going 4-4 the game before, Altuve went 4-5 to help set the pace of an absolute crime scene in Minnesota.

Astros 10, Twins 2 – Game 2 – Prof:  The Twins got hosed. Last night, they were far and away winning the game when Mother Nature decided to have a good laugh and rain on their parade. MLB postponed the game. Then the Astros came back to put the hurt on them. Both Evan Gattis and Carlos Correa decided to hit three run homers in each game.


Angels 4, Indians 14 – Cleveland put up all 14 runs in the first 5 innings.  Bit of a scare as Carlos Santana was hit in the head by a foul ball in the dugout.


Rockies 12, Rangers 9Prof:  Young Rockies outfielder David Dahl has a unique hitting streak going. He ties the major league record for a hitting streak to start his career – 17 games so far.

Braves 3, Brewers 11Prof: The Brewers scored a run in every inning they were up to bat. My small child Scooter Gennett hit a solo homer. The Braves…well… Erick Aybar forgot how many outs there were, and neglected to throw out the runner going home. Aybar tried to make up for his dumb mistake by doing fairly well at the plate, but nothing he can do will make me forget that the Braves traded Andrelton Simmons for this guy.


Cardinals 3, Cubs 4 F/11 – The Cubs picked up their 10th straight victory.  This one aided by a questionable call.


Diamondbacks 9, Mets 0 – Prof:  WHO BROKE NOAH SYNDERGAARD??? No, seriously, who did it? I want to know and I want to throw a Jobu voodoo doll at them. As far as the Gritty Snakes are concerned, center fielder Chris Owings had a good night, going 3-5.

Padres 0, Pirates 4 – Jameson Taillon threw an 8 inning, 3 hit shutout.

Orioles 9, Athletics 6Prof:  Well, Scouty, you didn’t have to worry about your O’s getting swept. My current favorite Mark Trumbo smashed a huge grand slam in the win. Did I ever tell you guys I really like Mark Trumbo? Also, and this might actually be more important, Zach Britton got his 35th save of the season, and his 39th straight appearance without allowing an earned run. That’s a new MLB record.


Yankees 4, Red Sox 2 – The Yankees put up 3 in the 8th and take the series from the Sox.  Boston suddenly finds themselves in a lot of trouble with another injury, this time to Hanley Ramirez.


White Sox 1,  Royals 2 – In 11 hits in what is considered a pitcher’s duel compared to the rest of today’s action.  KC picked up 2 in the 6th and Duffy pitched a complete game.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/11/16

  1. I missed the game and somehow haven’t seen how Hanley got hurt. It’s all news to me. Ortiz will hopefully be ok after that nasty-looking shin foul a few days back.

    On NBCSports, saw an article titled “The tabloids are gonna miss A-Rod”. Obviously, this was written by Calcaterra. He’s probably going to miss A-Rod more than any tabloid. The man has such an insufferable mad-on for him. Of course, Calcaterra (and A-Rod, for that matter) is insufferable in other ways too.

    (Full disclosure: I’m obvious a Red Sox fan, so I’m biased; also, I didn’t read said article–I only clicked on it to see who wrote it.)


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