The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

A short one, because my day has been terrible and I need to get some sleep. By the time you read this, your friendly neighborhood Prof should be asleep. Let’s hope, anyway.

A cool fact – the Padres, who have been really terrible all year, have had four players steal home this season. The latest is Travis Jankowski.

That’s an interesting stat.

It’s raining cats and dogs in the Midwest. Around my dinky little town, not so much, but probably within an hour or two I’ll get some storms. However, Minneapolis is already getting drenched. Here’s a look at Target Field.

I know exactly where that is, and that is a LOT of rain, folks. I’m sure Happy and Mad Chef can attest. Target Field is a nice ballpark with a beautiful skyline. I’m glad I’ve had many opportunities to go over the years, and hope to have a few more in the future.


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