The Midnight Snack – So Long, Sweet Prince Edition

2016 has sucked if your name is Prince. First, it’s The Artist who has left us prematurely, and now The Slugger. If Prince Harry somehow disappears I’m calling shenanigans.

I loved watching Prince Fielder play when he was with Milwaukee. I was able to see him crush monster home runs and be an all around teddy bear during his years with the Brewers, and to this day, folks around Cheeselandia are sad that Prince left town.

In the preceding years, Fielder made his way to Detroit and Texas, where he continued charming everyone he met and mashing taters. Somewhere along the way, his body broke down, resulting in major neck injuries.

Today, doctors have refused to clear him to resume baseball activities, basically bringing his once promising and exciting career to a sad end.

So, goodbye, old friend. You made baseball a lot of fun for a lot of people for a short period of time. You were a good teammate and you played with passion and joy. Also, you were the realest dude ever because you had fun with the fans, and you also had a hunger for winning. And also, nachos.

Happy trails to you, Prince. Best of luck to you!

8 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – So Long, Sweet Prince Edition

  1. I always really liked Fielder. He seemed to be a stand up guy despite having a pretty shitty father and really was able to rise above a shitty situation as a young man. He made his own way and seemed a rather likeable, happy kind of fellow. You never like to see someone’s career end due to injury, and this must be especially frustrating. Holding out hope that they are able to make progress and Fielder is able to return on day soon.

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  2. Took my son to Tigers spring training in 2012. Prince was the nicest guy in the group signing every autograph request and posing for pictures with every kid that wanted one, always asking parents to check that it was a good one before he moved on to the next.


  3. Jon Daniels was never one to avoid taking risks for the Rangers, and generally I think he has done an awesome job. Better, I am sad to say, than our much-touted wonder kid Jeff Luhnow in Houston.

    But the Fielder deal has to grade out as a real stinker for the Rangers, and a risk that I am surprised Daniels took. It was a big debate for the fantasyballers on line, and I generally agreed with the (somewhat vague) assertion that with Prince’s body type, something was going to break sooner or later.

    But on to the topic at hand. Fielder is by all accounts is decent and well-liked. I hope he goes into the next phase of his life with good feelings about what he accomplished.

    But same homeruns as your dad? How Freudian can you get?


  4. Whereas you always hate to see a fine ballplayer’s career haul up short, especially when the guy is, as Fielder seems to be, a genuinely nice fellow, he has no one to blame but himself for letting himself bloat up into a mass of blubber that his framework and ligamentary tissues couldn’t support any longer. I know how difficult insulin resistance is to overcome. I’ve struggled with it myself. But if that was indeed the mechanism underlying his obesity, his diet and workout regimen could have been adjusted to compensate for it a lot more effectively than he ever finally did. He had great plate discipline but, apparently, very little discipline with the other kind of plate. It’s a shame.

    If his career is finally over, though, he still owes it to his family to get the message and do the hard miserable work of knocking off some serious weight – unless he wants his cardiovascular system to be the next thing to implode.


      • Tex, were you hanging around Circling the Bases back when I had that long exchange with D J Short (or was it Bill? Can’t remember) when Prince first signed with the Tiggers, predicting that his career wouldn’t be a long one if he didn’t get himself in shape? DJ/Bill pooh-poohed my concerns and I answered with the long list of ackcherel flights by the Hindenburg, ending with “crashes and burns in Lakehurst, New Jersey”?

        Sorry to have to say I told them so.


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