The Midnight Snack – Monday

Tonight, I’m feeling ridiculous. Let’s set the tone.

Now that I’ve set the bar high, let’s get stupid up in here.

This makes your friendly neighborhood Prof very happy. I love me some good fielding pitchers, okay?

Buster Posey. Don’t run on that man. And then there’s this.

See, Freddie was able to do this because the Brewers have my small child Scooter Gennett manning second. Fred is, like, 6-foot-million and Scoots is about 5’9″ and change. (Don’t say Jose Altuve could have done it, we all know Jose Altuve is a wizard.)

And it’s not a Snack without the cute and cuddly…

I love cats. I love snark. I love pets named after athletes. So of course I love Jose Meowtista aka Joey Cats. Makes me want a cat again. Kinda wish I had a cat around anyway, I need some snuggles. Next small kitten (because all cats are kittens) I get I’m naming after Tom Glavine. You can take it to the bank.

Good night, folks!



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