Did the Iron Giant Hurt Himself Tonight?

So I get orf the plane from London in Macondo tonight and I’m listening to the radio on the way home and I hear “we’re still waiting for word on Giancarlo Stanton, who left the game with the trainer in the (mfffttthhhh) inning….”

Say what?

There is nothing online about it or on the Feesh web site yet and it’s been several hours now.  The Rainbow Warriors beat the Jints 2-0 on the strength of the Giant’s broken bat double in the first inning.

Is the silence a good or bad omen? I shuddered when I got home and saw the Giant’s broken bat double because, you will recall, that’s how he broke the hambone in his left hand and missed most of the season last year. If he’s hurt, the Feesh are dogstyled for the season. No way they can keep up with the Cardinals without him. And while we’re at it, the Feesh just put closer A J Ramos on th 15-day DL with a fractured middle finger (essential not only for pitching but also for driving in Macondo), assigning the role in the interim to their Geritol-fueled answer to Hemingway’s Santiago, Fernando Rodney:

I guess we won’t find out anything more until the Feesh Factotems have figured out how to spin this one. So much for a good night’s sleep. I think I’ll take two melatonin this time.

Incidentally, I’m letting my paranoia run away with the news about a wonderful discovery I made on the trip back home, something to ease the culture shock of being from London untimely rip’d a la Macbeth (although to be fair, every time I’ve left London I’ve felt untimely rip’d from it).  To wit: the inflight entertainment featured Joseph Mankiewicz’s epic 1953 production of Julius Caesar, which for some idiotic reason I had never seen before, and it flat out blew me away. Get this cast, among others: James Mason as Brutus, John Gielgud as Casca, and – for Buddha’s sake – Marlon Brando as Mark Antony. Brando just totally busted the mold for his sullen, fiery performance as Antony. If you’re accustomed to poised, eloquent, earnest deliveries of the “Friends, Romans, countrymen” oration, get a headfull of a very young Brando’s explosive delivery and then run out and get yourself a DVD or download of this magnificent production and watch the whole thing:

Of course this is just a tease; the oration scene goes on quite a bit longer, but oh boy, it doesn’t lose any steam and this is only the setup for Antony’s call to mutiny, which keeps on building to Brando’s demand to know “When comes such another?” Marlon the great finding more juice to squeeze from the rock of the Bard. Wow.

One thought on “Did the Iron Giant Hurt Himself Tonight?

  1. Gator – Twitter wags are saying that Stanton has a sore hip and will sit out Wednesday’s game as a precaution.

    Also, I watched that particular production in high school English! It was awesome!


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