To Reach The [Kansas] Stars Once More

Who are the Kansas Stars? Well, if you’ve not heard about this ragtag bunch of misfits, here is your opportunity. Wait, did I say ragtag bunch of misfits? I meant a group of former major league players (plus a Duck Dynasty fellow and one country music star) who decided to make a Justice League of retired guys in order to relive their glory days.

And oh, my friends, it was ever so sweet.

The NBC World Series is where the Kansas Stars decided to debut. Much like a monstrous Transformer, these former major leaguers banded together to… do what exactly, I’m not sure. I think the majority of the men involved only wanted to have some fun. A few might have had a different agenda, but for the most part, it was a chance to get together with a bunch of guys and enjoy playing baseball on a warm summer night.

The first game that the Stars played was against a team filled with college kids. The starting pitcher was former Athletics and Braves great Tim Hudson. Other starters on the Stars were Dan Uggla – who did more at the plate in this for-fun game than in the last two years in an MLB uniform, Laynce Nix, and J.D. Drew.

The Stars did not have a strict uniform. Guys went out in uniforms of teams that they were drafted by, or played significant time with. Here is Stars pitcher Roy Oswalt showing us what he was able to snag from his old team.

(Am I the only one who thinks he could come back and help a team on the back end of the rotation? I know, wishful thinking. His back is too messed up. But one can dream, yes? I would gladly ask my boy Roy to come back and add some needed relief to an overworked bullpen, or just to see him in a Braves uniform. Then I could finally live out my dream of getting an Oswalt Braves jersey and I would be very happy indeed.)

In the end, the Kansas Stars defeated the college kids 8-0.

4 thoughts on “To Reach The [Kansas] Stars Once More

  1. Ok, let’s dial back calling any team with Brandon Inge and Jayson Nix on it “stars.” They totally deserve Toby Keith with that nonsense.


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