Weekend Express – Scores for 8/6/16

Cubs 4, A’s 0

Twins 3, Rays 7

Angels 6, Mariners 8. Fitting that Seattle wins on a day that they retire Ken Griffey Jr’s #24. In the other dugout, another legendary career may have come to an end, since the Angels DFA’d Tim Lincecum.

Rangers 3, Astros 2

Braves 13, Cardinals 5

Mets 5, Tigers 6

Blue Jays 2, Royals 4

Marlins 6, Rockies 12

Brewers 15, Diamondbacks 6. Ryan Braun gets switched on and leads Milwaukee with two home runs and 7 RBI.

Phillies 7, Padres 9

Indians 5, Yankees 2

Reds 3, Pirates 5

Orioles 2, White Sox 4

Red Sox 0, Dodgers 3

Giants 7, Nationals 1


5 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 8/6/16

  1. Chris Archer pitched more like a 15 game winner than a 15 game lost last night against the Twins. He’s got great stuff to be sure. The pitch that got the Twins to swing and miss at all night though was his 90-91 mph slider that broke down and away to the right handed batters. That’s adevastating slider. Francisco Liriano had a slider like that once upon a time. I digress. Archer is the pitcher the LAD wish they had gotten to help fill the void left by Kershaw.
    Hopefully the Twins will atone for last night’s goat fuck with a win today. Jo, I’m sure you must have been enjoying last night’s thrashing…wherever you are


    • Gibson’s pitching today so it will be feast or famine. Right now tampa’s already up a run with runner on and the pitch count already over 30 in the second inning.

      Hey what could have been if Liriano had stayed healthy in 2006. Peak Morneau and Mauer,, Santana and Liriano. The best one two punch in the lineup and the best one two punch on the mound. and a damn good bullpen led by peak Joe Nathan. Sob.


        • Gibson’s finally out of the third after giving a run back and almost a couple more. This game reminds me of the scene in the Roy Hobbes movie where the manager, watching his pitcher fumble around, is pacing up and down the dugout muttering “I should have been a farmer”.

          Maybe the Twins win this about 9-7


  2. I’m a couple days late for this, but can we all agree that Terry Collins looks like the biggest idiot in MLB after not challenging the Bruce play (that wound up being the final play of the game) in the 9th? Even if it’s clear Bruce was out, you challenge the play anyway. To me it looked like the catcher planted his left foot in front of the plate when Bruce was a ways away. Bruce never touched home plate. But isn’t that irrelevant if the catcher is determined to have blocked the plate not in the act of going to receive the ball?


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