Weekend Express – Scores For 8/5/2016

Reds 2, Pirates 3

Indians 7, Yankees 13 – Damn Cleveland.  Get your shit together.

Giants 1, Nationals 5

Twins 6, Rays 2

Mets 3, Tigers 4

Orioles 7, White Sox 5 – Pedro Alvarez is batting 13-28 (.464) with 5 HR over the last 3 games and just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Rangers 0, Astros 5

Braves 0, Cardinals 1

Blue Jays 4, Royals 3

Marlins 5, Rockies 3

Brewers 2, D’Backs 3 F/11

Cubs 7, A’s 2

Red Sox 9, Dodgers 0

Angels 4, Mariners 6

Phillies 5, Padres 4

4 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores For 8/5/2016

  1. I take a quick breather between a wonderful Middle Eastern dinner sitting in an open air cafe next to the Sherlock Holmes statue on Marylebone Road with old friends amid the urban bustle of a great city and black cabbing it down to the 606 Club for some great jazz to note that Fernando Rodney coughed up three runs in the eighth again though the Feesh came back and won it in the top of the ninth. Time to start spiking his beer with formaldehyde before he begins to smell awful as well as stinking up the late innings. Yet again: what a horrible trade. Too bad the Feesh couldn’t book two coach seats (Scrooge McLoria, remember?) and send him back to San Diego along with Rea.

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    • It’s funny you should mention this. Here I am with the Olympics on in the background whilst sipping a bud light, eating a big Mac, typing things that makes me seem like a Voltaire post graduate all the while judging you for whingeing ( look it up, it’s London patois ) and you have NEVER brought up the fucking Red Sox going from tied for first..to not even be part of the playoff picture.

      Have you No decency sir? What about My feelings? What about MY needs? Your team was never meant to do anything but drive up the cost when the human shart eventually sells the fucking team for fifty times his investment. My team actually spent an obscene amount of money to field this shamokery of a team who, while they can hit, really aren’t good at throwing. Total buyer’s remorse for Price.

      Anyway, as I lived in Stamford Lincs for a while, I really liked old peculiar, it tastes good at slightly less than than room temperature. I also learned to throw darts by rotation ( end over end ) and found it to be more accurate as I got used to it. Also it’s not 7 feet away where if your arms are super long, the one foot lean in means that you are at most three feet away. I still lose most dart games, but I still look like a bad ass because the ONLY way it works( for me) is I have to have nine feet for the rotation. Yeah, you barely beat me, but I was two feet behind the line.

      Anyway, I felt that I owed you a hijack thread because you posted on my comeback thread ( that no one but me cares about ) about your farce of a team, I figured that I was just.

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      • The Beanbags are, blessedly, not my problem. Moreover, they play designatedhitterball, not even real baseball, so they’re doubly not my problem.

        I did read somewhere that the Borg are holding a press conference to immolate A-Roid this morning. That at least might be a welcome change of pace from another imbecilic Trump junior high school diatribe.

        We do agree though that the Feesh are farcical. I woke up early this morning to check the score with the Rocky Mountain Oysters and saw that Cashner got sheschmettered (look it up; it’s Byelorussian-Ukrainian-Polish shtetl patois) for seven runs last night. Speaking of farce, of course Scrooge McLoria would turn to the San Diego Padres as a big trading partner. The sheer symmetry of it is poetry.

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