He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/3/16


Prof:  Hi everybody! I’d like to thank Scout for picking up the slack for me yesterday. I really appreciate it. I’d also like to say thanks for the excellent choice in music yesterday. Now it’s my turn. I hope you all enjoy my favorite band.

Giants 4, Phillies 5Giants continue to struggle, blowing a 4 run lead losing on a Maikel Franco walk-off single in the 12th.


Mets 5, Yankees 9Prof:  Mark Teixiera hit a three run homer. Yeah, that happened. Neil Walker played brilliantly in a losing effort – 4-5, with a home run of his own plus an RBI.

Scouts: The Yankees and Mets got into it a little bit after Teixiera was hit by a pitch following his HR, and then was accused of stealing signs while on Second Base and then continued while he was at Third Base.  (I really loved how both of the bullpens came out to the outfield grass and stood on a line trying to look like tough guys.)


Rangers 2, Orioles 3The Orioles got a glimpse of the future with back to back amazing starts first by Bundy, and now by Gausman holding the Rangers to 2 runs over 7 innings. Zach Britton now holds the record for consecutive saves to start a season by a lefty at 33.

Twins 13 , Indians 5Prof: I think the baseball furies are angry with the Magical Land of Cleve. I blame this:

Minnesota has the last laugh, though. Joe Mauer and Brian Dozier attack at the plate, while Terry Francona gets thrown out of the game.

Pirates 4, Braves 8Pittsburgh blew a 4 run first inning lead to the Braves who scored in  6 consecutive innings.

White Sox 1, Tigers 2It’s a good time to be a Tigers fan as they just can’t seem to lose.  J.D. Martinez hits the first pitch he sees off the DL for a game winning HR.  If the season ended today, the Tigers would be in the playoffs as they bounced the Red Sox out of the last wild card spot.

Royals 0, Rays 12Prof: Holy cats. Did y’all realize that the Royals have a really terrible away record? With this loss, Kansas City is now 19-37 on the road. Let’s not take away from Tampa Bay, though; Jake Odorizzi did yeoman’s work, and Steven Souza Jr. went 3-5 with a home run.

Athletics 6, Angels 8Albert Pujols hit a 2 run walk-off home run.


Red Sox 1, Mariners 3Boston has now lost 7 of their last 10 and dropped out of the last playoff spot.

Blue Jays 3, Astros 1Prof:  Marco Estrada continues to be solid for Toronto. (The Brewers probably wish they had him back, but to be honest, he pitches better in Toronto than he ever did in Milwaukee.)  Seven innings, only one earned run. Josh Donaldson went 2-4.

Dodgers 2, Rockies 12 Colorado pounds L. A. for the second strait night, as Dodger pitching gave up 5 in the first, 4 in the 5th, and 3 in the 6th.  Carlos Gonzalez homered twice, Areanado hit his 27th and Mark Reynolds who has been on fire recently hit his 12th.

Marlins 4, Cubs 5Prof: The Marlins were in the driver’s seat until a crazy ninth inning, when the Cubs decided that they actually wanted to win a game. Bottom of the ninth, the boys in blue pinstripes rallied to get three runs, the final winning run scored by Little Szczur, coming off a wild A.J. Ramos pitch.


Nationals 8, D’backs 3The Nats put up 4 in the 9th to eliminate any thoughts of a last second Arizona comeback.

Cardinals 5, Reds 4Prof:  Piscotty delivers when he needs to, connecting a home run that ended up winning the game.

Brewers 3, Padres 12Prof:  Oh, Brewers. A bloop, a bloop, a blip, a bloop, a wham, and a bloop and they would have be right in it. Nope, sorry, I missed some bloops. Edwin Jackson – yes, you read that correctly – pitched seven scoreless innings for San Diego.



18 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/3/16

  1. Went to the Tiger game with my dad & my son to celebrate dad’s birthday. That alone would make for a perfect evening, but then we were treated to a great pitching matchup of Fulmer vs Sale. Both were at the top of their games, setting the scene for the dramatic return of Julio Daniel Martinez. After a rousing standing ovation when introduced as a pinch hitter, Martinez said “Ni” took his first MLB swing since June 16 and deposited Scissors Sale’s first offering into the shrubbery in center field. Congrats also to KRod who became just the 25th pitcher with 900 career appearances. He made the 9th a little too interesting, loading the bases before getting a ground out to wrap things up. It was almost like reliving a Todd Jones save.

    In honor of JD’s substitute AB…..

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    • I was pacing and swearing in the 9th! Dammit, Frankie, I already hate you.

      Also, I loved it when Avisail Garcia broke out his acting skills pretending that the pitch that hit his bat handle hit his hand. Oh, well, wasted that review….and then, hilariously, Fulmer really did hit him with the next pitch. lol There you go, drama king.

      You know what I miss about Leyland? He used to go out and give the guys a little pep talk now and again to focus them. You’d think as a former catcher Brad would be into that too, but no.

      I’m so jealous you got to enjoy that game in person. I think this is the first year in many that I will not be seeing the Tigers in person at all.

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  2. I was a wee bit disappointed in the Nats 4 run rally in the 9th, because I wanted Melancon to pitch in an actual save situation just to be able to compare and contrast with Papelbon. Melancon’s pitched twice now for the Nats, and both games were blowouts, but I’ll take wins any way I can get them.

    As for the game, we saw Scherzer’s 2016 in microcosm – 8 innings pitched, 11 strikeouts, 1 walk, 4 hits allowed, but two were solo HRs. He’s now given up 24 home runs on the year, but 15 were solo shots, so he hasn’t suffered too much due to the long ball.

    On offense, Trea Turner, who looks like he’s 15 years old and weight about 150, somehow managed to hit a 450 foot home run yesterday. Daniel Murphy hit another home run, Scherzer had a two run single, Bryce Harper doubled (hitting streak now at 3 games) and hit the ball hard two other times, possibly showing signs that his slump may be over, and every Nat who batted had at least one hit.

    Day off today for the Nats, before they start an eight game home stand that includes two more off days. The Giants are in town this weekend, and unlike last weekend, Strasburg and Bumgarner will both pitch in this series, although not against each other.


  3. Baba O Riley! Another day another Twins manhandling of the suddenly toothless Indians. Joe Mauer has had an amazing series in Cleveland. 11-14 with 5 extra base hits. He looks like the 7 of old. No HR for Mighty Max last night. They walked him after Mauer’s 1st inning double so he couldn’t homer against them. Tyler Duffeywas not good but thanks to the Twins bats he was just good enough. Mike Napoli went off with another big homer last night. That’s 5 consecutive games! That dude’s a beast.
    The Twins will go for the 4 game sweep today. There must be a lot of Twins fans in Detroit…

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  4. Guess what people? Old Slappy just got fired today…..and one of my best friends had to do the deed. Turns out knocking out the susse chef goes against company policy and standard terms of employment ( knocked the guy the fuck out with one punch too, I have NEVER knocked anyone out before and I did it right handed because I’m hosting open Mic Monday ) and my first amendment right to punch an asshole Trump supporter ( this inflammatory cocksore gets to wear a “make America great again Shitty hat ) superseded his right to tell me if I don’t vote for Trump, I could get my hours cut.

    Some takeaways, Did I tell you I knocked a guy out ( who is also half my age ) and I did it opposite handed? Pitchers…take note. Yeah I know blind clock, broken squirrel.

    Is it REALLY all-fucking-right to allow idiots who wants to watch the world burn get to have ANY power? This glass jawed sister fucker actually threatened my lively hood because I disagree with his idiocy and I did it for months! I would smile and say let’s not talk politics…..I prefer making fun of religion. Haha…whatever…but telling me that I will get fucked for not voting for your candidate? I’m sure that the ACLU would take the case if the bastard attempts to sue ME ( this scenario is what I am hoping for if ONLY because I knocked him OUT with one punch and the whole US of fucking A will know that I Slappy knocked a Trump supporter OUT !!!!!!!! Win fucking win right?) but I’m proud of myself anyway…..remember people, ALL problems can be solved with violence. Trump taught me that.

    The best part? Well the best part will be me getting free law advice after knocking a fucking trump supporter OUT and maybe making the Maine news which can only help, but the guy is literally half my age. The ONLY downside is having to correct all the reports to let them know that I did it opposite handed.😎

    Actually the best part is I immediately got another job from the place across the street and I get to spend ten days off until I have to start the new job. Bonus? Same hours and I make the same money, but it’s year round!

    Karma bitches….. knock out a Trump supporter near you.

    Did I mention that I knocked someone out?…. I did?… Really?

    Now the bestest part? I am gonna be posting some crazy stuff. The best crazy stuffs…..I’m talking about crazy stuff that NEEDS more than 140 characters, maybe they will be nothing but death threats to John Henry. Maybe nothing but going off on women who don’t shave their ankles, maybe going off on men who don’t shave their wrists…..what are we ? Fucking savages is my vote.

    After three days scoutsaywietersisabust is gonna take away my commenting privileges away and I won’t blame him, but by that time I have the ACLU on my side and while I’m suing……… 😊

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    • Dude… Slappy… did they really tell you that your hours were gonna get cut unless you voted Trump? Yikes!

      Nah, you’re one of the old school FI peeps, you’ll be accepted here no matter what. Keep on being yourself, you’re like the vinegar in our salad dressing. Just isn’t right without ya!


  5. Thanks Historio, you are a karma candidate too. I am hoping your journey has very little turbulence because you deserve much better as you give much more than you are willing to accept. I do truly admire you and am proud to call you a friend.

    Also, did I mention that I may be in the hemisphere of the ACLU? Let’s sue Indaburg for racism just for shits and grins. She has a good sense of humor right? The worst case scenario? Time shares in Florida? Worst case scenario? She ninja kills me and I am fucked.


    • Quick note from t’other side of the pond: in advance of our cousin’s wedding today I’ve been hobnobbing with old English friends and relatives for most of the week (until I got a chance to escape to sunny Hampstead yesterday for feesh and chips, and to prowl the old bookshops along Flask Walk and Well Walk in splendid isolation). Everyone wants to know about Trump, or, to put it another way, what’s wrong with us. At first I responded with complex explanations about how lightning and methane combined with the Reslugnican rhetoric of the last two and a half decades in shallow tidewater pools to give rise to the (blessedly) shrinking legion of Chump slime creatures. Now, though, with his campaign happily imploding and his numbers nosediving, I can just shrug it orf as a kind of mass hangover.

      The Feesh have sucked for the last week, with A J Ramos’ horrible performance last night as a kind of last straw. Meanwhile, I’m distracted by traditional English labial fare like tandoori chicken, onion bhaji, lamb rogan josh and coconut chutney. I’ll be back when the Feesh are.

      PS – fish and chips shops are staging a small comeback, kinda like vinyl records. The ending of pub hours, the decline of the English working class (Brexit Brexit!) and the rising cost of feesh have all contributed to the decades-long decline of the real thing. The new ones are a bit pricier (designer sparkling waters, grilled swordfish specials, etc), fry their feesh in polyunsaturates and the feesh and chips are now served in a flimsy cardboard box instead of a newspaper cone. Some of the downmarket feesh like skate and rock have kinda disappeared from the menu, as have roe cakes. The ancient British ritual of staggering home after stopping at the chipper following a night of drinking, leaving a trail of chips in your wake, is pretty much a thing of the past. The fried plaice is still excellent, though; the chips still taste better with salt and malt vinegar than ketchup, and they’ve still got the mushy peas and pickled onions. It’ll do.


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