Let Them Be Your Fantasy…Sports

Hey, you know how to turn gambling into a game of “skill”?  The New York Legislature passes a law, Governor Andrew Cuomo signs it, and BINGO! (<— skill)

FI Fantasy Baseball Champ

Previously, the NY State Attorney General had determined that companies like FanDuel and DraftKings were operating illegal gambling enterprises and tried to shut them down.  The companies — with whom MLB and other leagues have partnerships — argued that they offered games of skill, instead of illegal “chance” scams. The gambling analytical exercises brought in tons of money, and you know the government isn’t going to blow a chance to get its siphon in that tank. So, in the spirit of “why beat ’em when you can make money off ’em,” this week, NY legally rebranded the gambling games as skill challenges, which they could tax accordingly.

Gov. Cuomo gave the move an altruistic spin:

If any of y’all live in a state where they brought in a lottery to increase funding for education, you can especially appreciate the way all that new school investment leads to a Trump candidacy better-educated citizenry.

State Attorney General Schneiderman is not going down without a fight, however. He’s now investigating the gambling totally legal operations for false advertising. As he puts it:

“Fraud is fraud.”

That is, until the NY Legislature and Gov. Cuomo rename it “advertising opportunities of skill.”

9 thoughts on “Let Them Be Your Fantasy…Sports

  1. Ah yes, because states have not re-purposed almost all sources of income to go directly into the general fund. Lottery earnings don’t fund education any more than buying some environmentally themed licence plate goes to fund that cause….all of that money goes into the general fund now…so it can be spent wisely at the discretion of politicians instead of on what the public wants their money spent on (or what the public is told it will be spent on).

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        1. Quite a bit, actually, Lions. In a few weeks, I will be moving halfway across the country. I am incredibly nervous, but also extremely excited, as now I will be closer to my friends (and also many of the things I wish to do). Of course, relocating brings with it a host of other problems – chief among them getting a job so that I can also get an apartment. I did this when I was 20, but that was a long, long time ago. 😛 I don’t remember it being this difficult, or this nerve wracking.

          Otherwise, the Braves are still tanking so that gives me a sense of normalcy. lol

          How are you?


        2. Moving is always easier when you are a kid, you have fewer things, fewer worries, and fewer responsibilities. Good luck, hopefully the stress of the move is short-term, but the benefits are many and long-term.

          I’m good. Was banished to a rainforest on a tropical island in July, but now I’m back and back to normal….you know, just being grumpy, cranky, and pessimistic. 🙂

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