He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/1/16

Prof: Most of the excitement for the night was done in the front offices, but a few teams still had an idea to play a game today, including a few that went into extra innings.

Red Sox 2, Mariners 1Prof:  My boy Craig Kimbrel is back! And he picks up right where he left off, saving the game for Boston. Mookie Betts seals the deal with a home run.

Brewers 3, Padres 7The Padres scored 5 in the 5th, but let’s be honest, now that these two teams have traded away any player of interest, does anyone really care?

Twins 12, Indians 5Prof:  Dang! Getting rid of Nolasco must’ve pepped up the Twins because they just put the smackdown on the current AL Central leaders. Max Kepler hit three home runs. He’s the first European born player in MLB history to do so in a single game. (For those who don’t know, Kepler is German.)


Royals 3, Rays 0Danny Duffy had a no hitter through 7 but lost it to a leadoff double in the 8th.  Chris Archer managed to remain a Ray, and pitched  very well but still ended up with the loss.


Marlins 0, Cubs 5Prof: Kyle Hendricks keeps on rolling. A complete game gives the bullpen a much needed night off. Anthony Rizzo continues to make a strong case for NL MVP, going 3-3.

Nationals 14, Diamondbacks 1Prof: Sometimes I wonder if the Snakes bit themselves. The Gritty Ones were no match for Stephen Strasburg. Daniel Murphy takes one look at Rizzo’s numbers and says “Anything you can do, I can do better.”

Yankees 6, Mets 5 F/10 – The Yankees outlast the Mets with a sac fly in the 10th.

Blue Jays 1, Astros 2 F/14 – Correa walked this one off with a double in the bottom of the 14th.  This is the second consecutive extra innings loss for the Jays, a game which featured 40 strikeouts.


9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/1/16

  1. See, this is what having a Proven Closer(tm) gets you. Melancon pitches a flawless ninth in his first appearance for the Nats, and he nails down Strasburg’s 15th win with a sense of calm and certainty that’s been dearly missed in these quarters.

    But seriously…

    This game was over before it started. Trea Turner went 0-2 in the top of the first, while the rest of the lineup went 5-5 with two walks and a sac fly, giving the Nats four runs before the Dbacks had a chance to hit. Strasburg only gave up three hits and a run in six innings, but made up for it by collecting three hits of his own. Papelbon pitched a clean 7th inning, Bryce Harper extended his hitting streak to two games, and everything that could go right did for the Nats.

    There’s some disappointment in the DC Metroplex that the Nats didn’t get a bat at the trading deadline, but frankly, something approaching regression to the mean from Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, and Ben Revere ought to be enough offense for this team. I suppose Harper’s the most likely to do it, so we’ll see how that all pans out.


  2. Soon EVERYONE will know who Max Kepler is. I’m sure he has the pitchers’ attention now. Funny thing is this kid is a line drive hitter. He never hit more than 7 HR in a minor league season. He just keeps his hands above the ball and generates a lot of backspin. All 3 of his homers last night were over 400ft and his single in the 9th may have been the hardest he hit one all night. He reminds me a lot of Justin Morneau. I hope he turns out to be that kind of hitter anyway.


  3. Will Harris ditches another save. I’m not sure I would blame it on “closer’s mentality” (although such things are possible). I hope it is not arm fatigue this early. The Astros will need his innings for any kind of stretch run.

    At least the Astros won, finally.


    • Theo Epstein, ALL he does is put good managers with good draft picks in a position to win with having a coherent,cohesive, game plan with acknowledging that he didn’t do it alone! I wish our politicians were as honest.

      Why have the Sox never had such a G.M ?


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