He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/31/2016

The trade deadline is today!  Is everyone pumped? There are still a lot of names floating out there as potential deadline deals.  How can the Yankees at this point not trade Carlos Beltran?  What in the world are the White Sox thinking not dealing Chris Sale? Will Jay Bruce, whom no one wanted in the off-season go to the Giants, the Mets, or the Dodgers?  Where will Jonathan Lucroy end up?  Are there any surprise deals out there, any blockbuster trade that has managed to stay quiet? Or will the day end with a wimpier and a thud?


Baltimore 6, Toronto 2 F/12 – Injury scare as Tulowitzki leaves the game after taking a pitch off the hand.  The O’s explode for 4 runs in the 12th in what turned out to be a battle of the bullpens.

Colorado 4, Mets 6 – The Mets scored 3 in the 7th to go ahead for good in this one.  Asdrubal Cabrera left the game with a strained left knee.

Houston 0, Tigers 11 – Miggy went boom boom as the Tigers put a whoopin’ on the Astros, including a 6 run first.  Keuchel man, what happened?


Yankees 3, Rays 5 – The Yankees may not be done in the trade market as Beltran hit his 22nd.

Athletics 0, Indians 8 – No Lucroy?  No problem!  The Indians hand a beating down on the Athletics.  Napoli hit his 24th.


Cardinals 4, Marlins 5 – The Cardinals lost for the 49th time this season as the Marlins walked it off with a two out triple.  Click the link for one of those beefcake shots of Derek Dietrich.


Phillies 1, Braves 2 – All the scoring came in the 7th and 8th innings as fans had to sit through a downpour to watch these two titans face-off.  I remember Face-off.  Good movie.  A+


White Sox 4, Twins 6 – Brian Dozier went yard twice for the Twins as the White Sox still haven’t traded away Chris Sale for reasons unknown.

Pirates 2, Brewers 4 – Lucroy got a standing ovation when he entered the game in the 8th.


Royals 3, Rangers 5 – There is talk that Lucroy could end up in Texas by the end of the day.  Any little bit can help.

Red Sox 5, Angels 3 – Buchholz gets the win as the Red Sox put up all 5 runs in the 9th.  Huston Street bud, you’re killing me here.


Nationals 1, Giants 3 – The Giants have won two in a row, but still struggled to pull this one out, as they plated only 3 runs on 10 hits and two Nationals errors.  Matt Cain looked really good.  Jeff Smardzija pinch ran and then scored for Madison Bumgarner, who pinch hit for a double.  Ahh, NL baseball.

D’Backs 3, Dodgers 14 – Good lord LA.  Save a few of those runs for the next few games will ya?  Dodgers lose yet another starting pitcher to injury.  This time the newly acquired Bud Norris.  What the hell is going on in L.A.?


Reds 3, Padres 2 – Homer Bailey made his first start sine having TJ surgery in April 2015 and go the win.  He went 5.2 innings and have up 2 runs on 4 hits with 3 walks and 6 strikeouts.

Mariners 6, Cubs 7 –  The Cubs started former Oriole throw-away Brian Matusz who promptly gave up 3 two run home runs in 3 innings, one walk, one wild pitch, and one batter plunked.  The Cubs came back anways scoring 3 in the 9th to tie, and then walking this one off in the 12th on a Jon Lester bunt.



11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/31/2016

  1. The facially denuded Andrew Cashner performed creditably in his Feesh debutante party. He gave up two runs, one earned, in six innings, and then turned it over to once and future teammate, the ancient Fernando Rodney, who continued his awful pitching since the Feesh gave up a hot prospect for him and promptly coughed up two more runs and no-decisioned his pal.

    Maybe Rodney just didn’t realize who he was following because Cashner’s beard was gone. That kinda reminded me of the old joke about the deformed hunchback who was spotted rooting around in an alley by a famous plastic surgeon. The surgeon offered to try out some new techniques on the hunchback for free, to which the miserable outcast agreed. After six agonizing months of radical surgery the hunchback was a good looking man who could stand erect. As he left the surgeon’s clinic for the first time since the procedures were concluded, he was hit by a bus as he crossed the street and instantly killed.

    So this former hunchback goes up to heaven and really lets God have it: “You bring me into the world a horribly deformed cripple, put me through months of agonizing surgery, and just when I’m ready to lead a normal life you snuff me like a bug! WHY????”

    And God says, “Oops, sorry. I didn’t recognize you.”

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  2. I’m surprised the Twins haven’t fielded any offers for Brian Dozier. He’s got a very team friendly contract and I would think he might bring a nice little return to aide in this building effort. Looks like they will not be trading Ervin Santana either unless they are “blown away” by someone’s offer.


      • God I hope not. They are a little further away than a player or two I think. Sano has proven thus far to be an absolute horror show at 3B, Buxton continues to not be able to hit OR bunt.The pitching has been ok but they need a top of the rotation guy. Maybe Berrios will figure some things out the rest of the way this year. I’m a Twins optimist but goddamn it is getting tougher and tougher to maintain that optimism. What are your birds doing at the deadline?


        • Wade Miley was their big splash. They have emptied their farm system by mostly promoting them to the majors, or trading them off in previous years, so now they are left with one of the worst farm systems in the league. The only deals they can make are ones where they eat bad contracts.


  3. Astro Disastro week end in Detroit. Two games were irredeemable blowouts.

    But it’s a shame Will Harris had to blow his All Star reliever form Saturday night. 1-2 is a big step ahead of 0-3. They went from 2.5 games behind the Rangers to 6 behind in four days.

    And the bats have gone cold, with most of the hot minor league prospects having had a chance. They can a.) wait for Guriel or b.) get back on track themselves. I think they need to do both.

    And their present pitching is going to have to gut up. I don’t believe any deals are in the offing, and their minor league system is a lot weaker than last year anyway.


  4. Friday night’s Nats/Giants game saw the first ever 3-3-5 triple play, according to Elias, and yesterday’s game might’ve also had a first, one which was alluded to in the summary above.

    We had a pitcher (Matt Cain) pitching a no-hitter and get lifted for a pinch hitter who was also a pitcher (Bumgarner) who was then pinch run for by another pitcher (Smardzija), who ended up scoring a run. Other than that it was a pretty hum-drum game; the Nats mustered only three hits, all in the sixth inning (right after the shenanigans above), and though the final score said 3-1, it wasn’t that close.

    Only other thing of note was Ryan Zimmerman essentially telling some Giants fans to go fuck themselves. He got hit on the forearm with a pitch up and in during an AB in the 9th, and stayed down on the ground for a bit; the ball ricocheted far enough off his forearm that there was some question over whether it hit him or the bat, and fans started giving him the business for faking. As he was walking to first, he turned toward the fans on the first base side, removed his helmet, and waved, which is as close to shooting them a double bird as he’s ever likely to get.

    Nats are 3-3 on their road trip, and head to Phoenix for the next three. Strasburg, Roark, and Scherzer are slotted to pitch against the Snakes, and while I know you can’t predict the outcome of any single baseball game, anything less than winning at least two of three is gonna feel disappointing.


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