Whither Goeth the Feesh? Second Half Assessment part I: the Rotation


Well, jetlagged as I may be and weighted down with indigestible English roast Naugahyde (always remember to swallow some pebbles before visiting Britain), it looks like the Feesh have more or less concluded dumping prospects and rehabbers and fleshed out their rotation for their final push for October vacation. Here’s how the rotation looks at the moment:

El Keed, 12-5, 2.

Tom Koehler, 8-8, 4.18

Wei-Yin Chen, 5-4, 4.99 (on DL till at least September)

Adam Conley, 7-5, 3.38

Colin Rea, 0-0, 0.00 (on 15 day DL)

Jose Urena, 1-3, 6.69 (back to Nawlins)

Justin Nicolino, 2-5, 5.57

Andrew Cashner, 0-0, 0.00 (debuts today)

I’m jumping the shark and the gun at the same time (and hoping not to hit the scuba tank until I’m completely clear) because Cashner, for whom the Feesh emptied their farm of the last remnants of next generation’s mound studs, will take the hill today (“Excelsior!” – Bullwinkle). Cashner, as he appears in the Feesh foto gallery now, is clean shaven and looks like a slightly anorexic Chuck McCann. No wonder he preferred to look like Paul Bunyan. Hes been having a rough year at San Diego and perhaps the Feesh thought that he’d benefit from a change of scenery to a seaside team on the sunrise side with no real chance of making the playorfs either. Who knows? Playing in Scrooge McLoria’s architectural teratogen in Little Macondo might have some beneficent effects on him. We’ll know, starting in about…uhhh…fifteen minutes.

So far, Wei Yin Chen has to be considered a major disappointment (and boy, am I ever being charitable – must be the effect of spending time in a city full of the courteous for a change). He must be sending messages to his relatives in the stands – how else account for his 20 home runs allowed, third in the league (by only three – and he’s been on the DL for most of this month). Why the Iron Giant bothered to ask a coach to pitch his home run derby stint when he had Chen available is beyond me. The Feesh signed him for five years at eighty million, a deal which made me gagg at the time they made it.No one else was going to give him anywhere near that much, but what can you do?

Tom Koehler reminds me of Ricky  Nolasco. Before he was exiled to the frozen north, you never knew whether you were going to get the Good Ricky or the Evil Ricky – he could be masterful one day, and butcher his next start. TK’s inconsistency is maddening. Feesh fans may have noticed that on a day when Koehler’s going to suck, they feel a kind of subtle malaise as he takes the mound, like a migraine aura. And the two young Nawlins shuttle habitues, Justin Nicolino and Jose Urena, suffer from the same maddening inconsistency. Adam Conley is the biggest positive surprise of this season, showing sustained flashes of brilliance in between Coyote-like nosedives orf the cliff. He’s young and has learning to do but there’s no denying his talent.

Is Cashner enough to offset the failure of Chen, the injury to Rea, the inconsistency of Koehler and the understandable growing pains of the exquisitely talented Conley?

This writer doubts it.

Next: the boolpen.











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