Weekend Express – Scores for 7/30/16

Mariners 4, Cubs 1. Chapman blows the save. 

Pirates 3, Brewers 5

White Sox 6, Twins 5 F/10

Yankees 3, Rays 6

A’s 3, Indians 6

Astos 2, Tigers 3

Rockies 7, Mets 2

Cardinals 0, Marlins 11. The Feesh must’ve felt OG’s pain and decided to do him a solid.

Reds 1, Padres 2 F/10

Red Sox 2, Angels 5


Royals 1, Rangers 2

Orioles 1, Blue Jays 9. And now Toronto is in the lead in the AL East.

D’backs 4, Dodgers 2

Phillies 9, Braves 5

Nationals 3, Giants 5. SomeGuyinVA, what do you think about the Melancon trade?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 7/30/16

  1. I’m pleased with the Melancon trade. It addresses the Nats’ need for a Proven Closer(tm) and it came at a cost that didn’t significantly impact their potential future. Felipe Rivero is a young lefty with a live arm, prone to the occasional blow up (25 ER in 47 appearances, but 18 of those ERs were allowed in six appearances). Also, for some reason he’s pitching to a ridiculous reverse platoon split this year – he holds righties to an OPS of .544, but lefties hammer him for an OPS of .914.

    Given that the Indians just gave up two of their top five prospects to get Miller, and given that the Nats could conceivably have their closer of the future already on their 40-man roster, this is a sensible, practical trade, akin to buying a Honda when you could easily afford a Mercedes. That seems to be the M.O. for this organization, though; they do something that’s a net positive at the trading deadline every year, but no real big splash, and it could be argued that this Melancon trade is the splashiest they’ve done during their current run.

    As for yesterday’s game, the Giants’ ABs could’ve been accompanied by a Fats Domino soundtrack:

    Or maybe Katrina and the Waves, since it was a bright, sunny afternoon:

    Giants batters walked nine times:

    Reynaldo Lopez, who’s part of that Nats future, issued five of them in his second start this season. He and Giolito have now combined for five starts, and neither have made it past the fourth inning, although Giolito’s first start was shortened by rain, not ineffectiveness. They’ve both got work to do before they’ll be ready to be part of a big-league rotation, but they’re both young and have the time to do it.

    Melancon’s supposed to be in uniform today, and Kelley, Solis, and Papelbon are all rested, so assuming Gio can go at least six today, the Nats ought to have a shot to get to their closer and maybe take three of four from the Giants. If nothing else, maybe at least some semblance of order can be restored to the bullpen’s usage today.


  2. Prof: the Feesh got ahold of a not quite rested Freddy Garcia and gave him a taste of how American millionaires treat Mexicans (yeah, I know he’s from Venezuela like Slobbering Ozzie but the point is, that’s how American millionaires treat Mexicans). At the same time, Colin Rea, one of the recent acquisitions in the Feesh’s continuing farm system dump, blew out his elbow in the fourth after his fastball dipped ten miles an hour between innings and was exiled to the trainer’s room. Watch for him to be put on the DL within the next couple of days.

    Update: he’s on the 15-day DL already. Ah well.

    If you think the presidential race looks grotesque from up close, you ought to see it from over this side of the pond. After the traditional English Sunday brunch of roast Naugahyde and Yorkshire chalk blister, I settled in with my laptop on my free hotel Wi-Fi to read the BBC accounts of the national lame sack race. So I see that Donald Trump, appointed voice of the American rabble, is now engaged in an unequal belching match with Michael Bloomberg and Khizar Khan, and that Mark Cuban (“Is there a bigger jag-off in America than Donald Trump?” [roars and cheers]) has now joined the fray. Yesterday, apparently, Trump claimed (1) that there were too thousands of Muslims celebrating on the roofs of Hoboken on 9/11 and (2) that the Kochs had offered to talk to him and he had turned them down. Sure he did, said the perpetual smirk on the BBC announcer’s pretty face. We’re now just waiting for the latest tweet from RNC chairman Rancid Penis about how “damaged” Hillary is. After Brexit, our English cousins are really happy to have someone else’s fiasco with which to entertain themselves.

    No mention of the Green Party at all, which makes perfect sense, and scant averrals to the Libertarians. I guess the BBC, which is rather less prone to the sort of kitsch clamor that attracts the American press, figures that while an MD might be the answer to getting your weewee caught in your zipper (Man! How did you get the frank below the beans????), she doesn’t have enough experience with the body politic to be worth a mention. Good call.


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