Weekend Express – Scores from 7/29/16

Phillies 1, Braves 2

Royals 3, Rangers 8

Pirates 1, Brewers 3 – RATS. So close to a Maddux for Junior Guerra. But no, Cutch strikes again. Jeffress gets the save on one pitch.

White Sox 1, Twins 2

Mariners 1, Cubs 12

Rockies 6, Mets 1

Astros 6, Tigers 14 – Somewhere, Historio is happy.

Cardinals 11, Marlins 6

Red Sox 6, Angels 2

D’backs 7, Dodgers 9 – LA is now just a game out of first.

Yankees 1, Rays 5

Reds 6, Padres 0

Nationals 4, Giants 1 – This is apparently the MLB first 3-3-5 Triple play ever.


Orioles 5, Blue Jays 6


Athletics 3, Indians 5 – Cleveland also won the best troll of the night award.


One thought on “Weekend Express – Scores from 7/29/16

  1. Watching the Nats these days is like watching one of those old silent movies where the hero is always on the cusp of grave physical peril, but somehow manages to stagger or fall out of the way just in the nick of time, with the first ever 3-3-5 triple play above being the latest example.

    The Nats’ current formula for success is “7 innings of great starting pitching, score a few runs, hold on for dear life.” It took five pitchers to get through the 8th and 9th, although Sammy Solis only threw two pitches to get three outs in the 8th on that triple play; nonetheless, he was replaced to start the 9th by another lefty, Felipe Rivero, because reasons. Every reliever deployed, save for Solis, allowed one or two base runners, but they managed to get through without giving up any runs, as Shawn Kelley got the last out. Papelbon apparently spent the game in the clubhouse, and was supposed to undergo a physical exam yesterday, but no word on the results.

    Daniel Murphy continues to prove allergic to the west coast. After tweaking his hamstring during the All Star Game in San Diego and missing a few games as a result, he pulled up a little lame on a triple in the 6th, and was removed from the game after that, so I expect he’ll miss a game or three. They’re up six in the division right now, so they can afford it.

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