The Midnight Snack – Thursday

Everybody gets trolled once in a while, but some folks get trolled way more epically than others.

Whoever runs the Target Field scoreboard is either a world class troll, or a world class victim of a troll.

Just so you’re aware, neither Beltran or Milwaukee’s Will Smith were traded to anyone this evening, and I certainly don’t think Smith is going to the Mets unless he’s somehow attached with Lucroy in a multi-player deal.

In the meantime, the young guns bid farewell to their older Papi(s).

I really love Mike Trout, he’s a groovy kid.

One thought on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday

  1. It’s like someone was playing MLB theShow back there and ran that crawl! I haven’t heard the requisite “I was hacked” come from anyone associated with the Twins. I’m sure someone is “looking for their next great opportunity” this morning.
    Thanks to my Twins for taking 2 of 3 from the hated White Sox this weekend! I love it!


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