He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/28/16

Prof:  Happy Friday, everyone! Do you have plans for the weekend? I’ve had a rough week, so I’m hoping to just chill a little bit. Starting the chill part of the weekend off with my song selection. Hope you enjoy.

Diamondbacks 4, Brewers 6Prof:  There’s an old song whose lyrics are, “some days are diamonds, some days are stones.” Kirk Nieuwenhuis is the definition of this for Milwaukee. Wednesday, Captain Kirk had three errors on the night. Last night, he hit a home run that helped extend the Brew Crew’s lead.

Orioles 2, Twins 6 Surprisingly, Ubaldo pitched well enough to win, however the bullpen coughed up most of the runs in this one.  The O’s offense is apparently on vacation.

Phillies 7, Braves 5Prof:  Matt Wisler was immediately sent down after this game. I would say maybe it’s harsh, but he’s regressing, and there’s no reason to keep someone who is openly struggling on the big league team when most of the good players are in Gwinnett anyway.

Royals 2, Rangers 3Cole Hamels is 12-2 with a 2.84 and no one is talking about it.  Mitch Moreland hit two homers and Roughened Odor hit one, so with three runs scored that means something mathematical.  Science is hard.


White Sox 1, Cubs 3Prof:  Cubs sweep the Wrigley Field part of the Crosstown Rivalry series. Chris Sale returns from suspension, but gets the loss.

Red Sox 1, Angels 2LA scored two in the 9th because they are a pal.  Also because Hanley Ramirez threw the ball away.  Boston has lost 4 consecutive games, which is pretty bad timing considering the Orioles have lost 3.


Nationals 4, Giants 2August cannot come soon enough for the Giants as their slump continues against the Nats.  The Nats did their best to giftwrap the Giants a victory in the 9th, loading the bases with 1 out, but the Giants couldn’t get the job done.

Rockies 2, Mets 1Prof:  Apparently pundits were saying that Colorado was playing tired at the beginning of the game, and perhaps that was so. Jacob deGrom looked to get another well deserved win. However, New York closer Familia breaks down on the mound again, delivering a wild pitch that wins the game for the team with a weird purple dinosaur as their mascot.


Cardinals 5, Marlins 4Jose Fernandez gave up a few early and the Marlins never recovered.  Ichiro needs just two more hits.


7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/28/16

  1. Last night’s Nats/Giants game didn’t have to be as close as it was. The Nats scored three in the 2nd off Cueto and left the bases loaded in that inning, and then left them loaded again in the 3rd while scoring no runs. In all they left thirteen men on base, so they had chances to score a large pile of runs, but didn’t take advantage of them.

    Tanner Roark continues to be arguably the best number three starter in the game; he gave up one run on four hits and three walks in seven tidy innings. Dat bullpen doe…

    Papelbon started the ninth, got an out, then gave up a hit and a walk, and was excused from the proceedings, making the third appearance in a row that the closer didn’t finish his inning. Oliver Perez tried next, gave up a walk, was victimized by an error on a ground ball, but then got a strikeout. Dusty then decided he wanted Angel Pagan to bat lefty, so he brought in Shawn Kelley, who struck him out to end the game.

    It’s pretty clear that Papelbon isn’t the guy right now, and may never be again, and I guess of the guys currently on the roster, Kelley’s the next logical candidate to be The Closer(tm). Dusty favors age and treachery over youth and potential skill, so while the Nats have a number of guys who can throw in the high 90s in their bullpen, plus Koda Glover down on the farm, they’re all young, haven’t faced pressure, etc., and so they’re not going to get a chance to earn the closer’s job in a pennant race.

    There are lots of tasty morsels in the Nats system that could be packaged in a trade for bullpen help. Rumor is that four of them – Trea Turner, Reynaldo Lopez, Lucas Giolito, and Victor Robles – have been deemed untouchable by Mike Rizzo, but there are still lots of pieces left. I’m worried, though, that between being unwilling to trade their absolute top prospects and their historically not being willing to take on payroll at the deadline (still waiting on the MASN renegotiation money, I guess) that they won’t do anything of consequence again this year, and regret it come October.

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    1. Tanner Roark continues to be arguably the best number three starter in the game

      I’m quite a fan of Roark (I’m trying to put together a trade involving him in one of my leagues at the moment), but if that’s true, it’s only because most people would consider Kyle Hendricks the Cubs’ #4 and Lackey the #3.

      Admittedly, I had some doubts coming into this season about Hendricks, specifically in regards to his ability to maintain effectiveness the 3rd time through the order, as he struggled with that last year. I no longer have those doubts.

      Then again, with addition of Chapman, there’s significantly less of a need for any of the starters to go much past 6 innings anymore….


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