He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/27/16

So did anyone pay much attention to Comic-Con this year?  The next year is shaping up to be a really amazing one for nerds like myself.  Wonder Woman looks promising.  Thor was funny.  (They really need to release that clip online.)  Suicide Squad may not be the dumpster fire it originally appeared to be.  Guardians 2, Black Panther, Captain Marvel has a lead.  (Holy shit, we have TWO major female leads coming with a possible Black Widow.)  Netflix will be releasing Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders.  There is a new Justice League.  Sherlock season 4 looks to be just as good as the previous seasons, if not better.  The next big Marvel TV show could be about insurance adjusters.  Sadly The Killing Joke movie that was so highly anticipated appears to be a massive flop, but I guess we can’t have it all.  Still there is a whole lot to look forward to.  Age of the geek baby.  We run the world.


White Sox 1, Cubs 8 Prof:  Addison Russell hits a grand slam to gild the lily on this crosstown matchup. Chapman gets his first action in Cubs pinstripes.


Diamondbacks 8, Brewers 1Prof:  While a few miles north of Wrigley, the gritty Snakes bite back against Milwaukee. Jimmy Nelson is in a bit of a slump these days. A multitude of errors handcuffed the Brewers before they even started.

 A’s 6, Rangers 4 Kris Davis breaks out of his slump and hit home-run numbers 24 and 25.

Rockies 3, Orioles 1Dylan Bundy looked really good, if you throw away the two mistakes that were hit out of the yard by some very good hitters.  The O’s offense is in a bit of a lull and hopes to recover against the Rangers who are themselves, in a bit of a lull.

Mariners 1, Pirates 10Prof:  Gerrit Cole pitches a complete game; one hit, 94 pitches total.


Cardinals 5, Mets 44 runs on 12 hits does not win you many ball games.  St. Louis put two on the board in the top of the 9th to slip past the Mets. 


Yankees 1, Astros 4 A Brian McCann solo homer was the only Yankee offense on the night.

Braves 9, Twins 7Prof:  The Battle of Who Sucks More continues in Minneapolis, and even two errors couldn’t stop the Braves. Freddie Freeman was a hitting machine – 4 for 4, a homer, a double, and 5 RBI.

Angels 5, Royals 722 hits and none of them left the yard.  This is the part where I dive into some interesting factoid.  For example: [Insert interesting factoid]

Phillies 1, Marlins 11Prof:  The Iron Giant smashes another one to defeat the woeful Phillies.


Nationals 4, Indians 1Strasburg recovered from his first loss on the season quite well holding the Indians to 3 hits over 7 innings.  The bullpen coughed up the only run.

Padres 8, Blue Jays 4Prof:  Padres just sent Melvin Upton Jr. to the Blue Jays, but the artist formerly known as BJ couldn’t help his new team defeat his old one. It doesn’t help that Toronto had the struggling R.A. Dickey on the bump.

Tigers 4, Red Sox 3Detroit represent!  Miggy go boom in the 9th to put an end to any Red Sox thoughts of a comeback.

Rays 3, Dodgers 1Maybe the Dodgers should be looking for a bat or two on the trade market.


Reds 2, Giants 1The Giants are looking forward to the end of July.  They are now 9-11 and clinging onto first place for dear life.



26 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/27/16

  1. It’s always interesting listening to talk about your team when it comes from announcers other than the guys who normally do your team’s games. Yesterday’s Nats/Cleveland game started at noon, and so I was forced to listen to the Sirius/XM broadcast of the game. That means home team announcers, and so I was treated to three hours of effusive praise for the DC club from Cleveland’s radio guys, which was disarming; I can only liken it to some other adult praising your child as being a perfect angel, and being left to wonder whose kid they’re really talking about, because you know what a true miscreant you’re raising.

    To the game, yes Strasburg was dominant, and the bullpen was a bit shaky, although the 8th and 9th were rightly left to guys not named Kelley and Papelbon. That said, the trading deadline draws nigh, and it feels like the Nats have to do something to address the 9th inning.

    On the offensive side, Trea Turner drove in three runs and Daniel Murphy hit his 20th home run. It’s still a small sample, but it should does look like Turner belongs in the big leagues for good. He got to play CF both games in Cleveland, but the question now will be whether Dusty will run him out there in San Francisco; in these last two games in Cleveland, Turner was in center, Revere played left, and Werth was DH for both, so one of them will have to sit.

    Bryce Harper’s woes continue, but that doesn’t mean teams don’t think he can still hurt them. The Nats play the Giants seven times in the next couple weeks, so we’ll see how one of the best managers in baseball approaches the situation – http://www.sfgate.com/giants/article/To-pitch-to-Harper-or-not-to-pitch-to-Harper-8477874.php


    • Papsmear for Storen?


      Harper will be just fine, as soon as the gulls have finished gobbling the grasshoppers.


      • I noticed that the Blue Jays DFA’d Storen last week, so he was clearly available; turns out the Mariners wanted him for some reason, and traded the remnants of Joaquin Benoit to get him.


  2. Thanks for the video highlighting the Iron Giant for the terrific outfielder that he is. Every so often you’ll hear a Trump supporter, or someone equally ignorant and stupid, describe him as a “one dimensional” player. The laser shots to center-left, yeah, even neocloacals already knew about those.

    The Rainbow Warriors now sit pretty in second place in the NL East with a grip on the wildcard short and curlies at 55-46, nine games beyond a strange attractor gradually slipping into the realm of pure mathematical speculation. This is their best spread since the invention of cream cheese (I bet you never tasted smoked marlin on a toasted bagel with lox flavored cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, onion and romaine, but Buddha forgive me, I have).

    Bustin’ Justin Bour is still experiencing soreness in his sprained oinkle, so we’re still stuck with Chris Johnson and the occasional relief of Ichiro at first. Wayfaring stranger Dee Gordon returns from chemical exile tonight, too. I expect the fans will be needling him…er…ah….

    Have the Feesh shaken orf their mini-swoon, as last night’s sixteen hit barrage might imply, or did they just get ahold of an awful pitcher on a bad night? We’ll know more tonight when El Keed faces Michael Wacha and the Cards.

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  3. Oh, and three of last night’s pitchers (Bradley, Bundy and Gray) were from Oklahoma — 2 of them pitching against each other. That’s kinda funny-weird.


  4. Also, it’s 2016. We can’t have a Wonder Woman with some muscle definition yet? Can’t we get someone who looks strong and ass-kickery??? 😦


        • I think she looks warrior like. Not too sure I like a skinny girl in a fat suit playing her friend Etta, though. There are plenty of attractive chubby girls who could play that role. It’s stuff like this that makes me feel inadequate about myself. Even when you’re supposed to be fat for a reason, you still can’t be.


        • Hmm. This conversation is interesting to me. I know historio is a woman, but I forget if anyone else in this comment part is (I don’t want to assume). I’m a hetero guy, and I’m honestly and politely curious what the response would’ve been if I’d brought up the new Wonder Woman and said “Mmm, tits”.


        • No, see, it’s funny if I say it.

          But, also, there’s nothing wrong with being strong and having large breasts. The Williams sisters are total badasses. For me, the issue is more that we still can’t look athletic and strong. They just shrunk WW’s boobs, but that wasn’t the whole problem. And I LOVED Lynda Carter. Love, Love, LOVE! I appreciate that Scout wants to de-sexualize WW and make her more than a bimbo — I do too. But, for me, the muscles make more of a difference than the boobs.

          Prof is female. Scout is not.

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        • I don’t mind a little bit of sexualization, I mean Wonder Woman is a very sexy person, but keep it classy. They sexualize Thor, and it’s like whatever, because they don’t make his entire bit of screen shot a close up of his muscles or his hair flowing in the wind or whatever. Basically don’t make them look like nothing but a pair of tits and ass. You can be attractive and still kick ass. Focus on the kicking ass. That’s kind of her thing. The attractiveness is a side bonus. I don’t mind the way she looks. I was just happy they didn’t pull a Megan Fox.


        • I’d prefer her arms to be a bit more aswell considering she’s supposed to be able to go toe to toe with Superman, but let’s be realistic here. There are not a whole lot of people in the world that can do the role proper justice AND perfectly look the part. Maybe Ronda Rousey, but can she act? And CGI’ing her muscles would be incredibly insulting. Is she perfect? No, but she’s pretty damn close, and she’s good enough for me. Watching the trailers, I get the impression she will do what’s basically an impossible task justice. She will be criticized more than Tony Stark, any of the 15 Supermans or Batmans. More than Captain Marvel, and more than Black Widow. It’s an impossible task and it appears that DC is surprisingly doing a pretty decent job at it. There will be enough people screaming and nit picking. I choose to give them a break over some of the smaller things.


        • Whenever they hire the guys, they work out to build up their bodies. IDK why she couldn’t have done a little of that. Maybe she didn’t need to go all Linda Hamilton from Terminator, but some effort would be nice. This is an important one to me — I don’t care about the rest of them. Madonna was more buff playing Evita Peron than this Wonder Woman. 😦


  5. Scioscia played (and lost) to the Royals under protest. The overall gist of the call was very very similar to Betances vs the Astros–running inside the baselines. The umpire after the Yankees’ game was quoted as saying it would have been interference if Betances had actually hit the runner (who was certainly running inside the baselines).

    For many years, I’ve seen running outside the baselines be called interference even if the runner doesn’t get hit. Did I dream that or something? I suppose it’s much more likely that MLB decided to interpret the interference rule differently.

    What’s next? There’s no interference by the batter at home plate unless the catcher hits the batter with his arm or the ball on a throw to 2nd base?


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