He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/26/16

Cubs 0, White Sox 3Prof:  Crosstown Rivalry is alive and well in Chicago. The team from the Senior Circuit isn’t playing too well. James Shields blanked the Cubs. Is it too early to blame Chapman for this? Goats, Black Cats, Moises Alous, and Chapmans. Oh, my.

A’s 6, Rangers 35 long balls were hit in this one, mostly by players who do not hit a lot of long balls.

Tigers 9, Red Sox 8Cabrera gets number 20.  Ortiz hits number 25.  The Tigers edged out a victory in the pitchers duel.

Nationals 6, Indians 7Prof:  Cleveland continues to find ways to win. Francisco Lindor with the walk-off single. I love his name; sounds like a truffle. And yes, his play is just as sweet.


Reds 7, Giants 9San Francisco’s lead is now down to 2.5 games.  Cincy got homers from Bruce, Duvall, and Votto.  Matt Cain coudn’t keep the ball in the ball park.  When pitching or at the dish.

Cardinals 3, Mets 2 – Game 1 – Prof:  Noah Syndergaard with the loss in the makeup game.

Cardinals 1, Mets 3 – Game 2 – Prof:  Jedd Gyorko hit a home run in both games.


Rockies 6, Orioles 3Chris Tillman who has been absolutely stellar this year did not have his A or even his B game as the Rockies snapped the O’s winning streak.

Angels 13, Royals 0Prof: Oh holy cats! The Angels absolutely destroyed Kansas City. 13 runs, 22 hits, 7 runs in the ninth inning alone! Tyler Skaggs with seven flawless innings for Los Angeles.

Rays 2, Dodgers 3Chris Archer out dueled by Bud Norris.  That sentence causes me to reevaluate everything I thought I knew about baseball.

Diamondbacks 4, Brewers 9 Nary a home run was hit as the Brew Crew racked up 5 runs in the 8th to teach ‘dem Arizonians who is boss.

Padres 6, Blue Jays 7 F/12Prof:  Once again, San Diego snatches defeat from the jaws of victory! Toronto comes back in the bottom of the 12th with three runs to secure the win.


Yankees 6, Astros 3Prof:  CC Sabathia with the win, Miller with the save. Yankees will probably win just enough to not make any other moves for their roster and end up just out of reach of the playoffs. Sorry Kevin S. and COPO. Join me in sucky team hell.

Phillies 0, Marlins 5Prof:  Fresh Feesh! Ichiro gets another step closer to 3,000 with a single.

Mariners 7, Pirates 4 Both teams are now 51-48.  And that’s about the only interesting thing I could come up with for this game.

Braves 2, Twins 0Prof:  It’s a throwback matchup of the ’91 Fall Classic! Ervin Santana drops another game for Minnesota, as the season long Battle of Who Sucks More continues. Fun fact – AJ Pierzynski threw out Byron Buxton last night. The end is nigh.



17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/26/16

  1. Two straight games now where Papelbon has started, but not finished, the ninth inning, and last night’s was made more painful by the fact that he was trying to protect a two run lead. His performance the last two games has doubtless driven up the cost that the Nats would have to pay in trade for a Proven Closer(tm), but for a fanbase that’s always had to deal with lack of certainty in the ninth when it mattered, it still might be worth making the move. That, or go with the unproven Koda Glover.

    Nats could’ve even had a bigger lead, but were hamstrung by lining into two different double plays early in the game, and then only getting one run out of a bases loaded, one out situation in the top of the ninth.

    The Trea Turner, Center Fielder, era started last night. He’s definitely electric at the top of the lineup, and might be a needed spark, but he’s not flawless on defense. He may have cost the Nats a run in the 8th when he dove for and missed sinking liner in front of him, turning a single into a double; a more experienced hand would’ve let the ball fall in front and keep the runner on first, but here’s hoping he’s a quick learner.

    Bryce Harper went 0-5, batting in the number two hole in the lineup and holding his hands differently than he’s been. He hit two balls hard, but both were caught on the warning track.

    Back at it today at noon ET.


    • It’s tough to remain neutral about the Gnats when Papsmear is pitching, but for the sake of my long romance with the mystique of Washington baseball, I do try to overlook his rancid presence on the mound.


      • His overall results haven’t been bad this year, this week notwithstanding, but I really think he’s getting by on guile and luck more than anything else. I believe I’ve said it here before, but he’s not missing too many bats, and that’s not something one looks for in a closer.

        As a person, yeah, he’s not a choirboy, but I’m of a belief that most elite athletes are assholes, not due to a character flaw so much as due to their being so focused for so long on the single-minded purpose of being elite that they really never learned how to be a normal person and how to deal with other people. Yeah, I’m sure that they were all told they were elite growing up, and so they’ve come to believe that they’re better than you or me, but that’s the fault of their parents and coaches, not them. Papelbon may be a bit more rough-edged than most athletes, but I don’t think he’s more than one standard deviation off the norm.


        • I’d spot him a second deviation on principle.

          But he gets a balancing credit for pitching in a town full of great Ethiopian restaurants.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Does it not ever!

          The wife and I just got back from DC. Seems like every other taxi driver and every new restaurant is Ethiopian.


  2. Panic reigns in Houston as their latest can’t-miss rookie prospect goes 0-7 in his first two games! Oh, the humanity!

    Personally, I think Bregman has a bright future, even if nobody is sure where he will play. And hopefully in about a month he and Guriel will be casting some light from the nightmarish black hole that has been spots 6-9 in the Astros’ order all season.

    But here’s the challenge. Houston spent the month before the All Star break mowing down a succession of sub-.500 teams. But the calendar has changed – as calendars usually do – and now they look forward to a month of plus-.500 teams. Can their pitching staff – which is solid but currently has no identifiable aces – stand the strain? Can A.J. Hinch shake and bake the mediocrity on his bench into some decent hitting until help arrives? Can they at least split the remaining nine games with the Rangers?

    On such questions will the fate of the Astros for 2016 be played out.


  3. Looks like Jar Jar Baseball managed to mop up all the spilled PCBs from the last lightning impact and put a charge instead up the Feesh’s cloacas. After nearly 50 consecutive scoreless innings (well, 23 ackcherley, but it felt like fifty if you were trying to watch the game and avoid doing any useful work in the meantime) the Rainbow Warriors finally put some numbers on the scoreboard and coasted behind the erratic Tom Koehler, who has oscillated out of the dark side twice in a row now after his seven game skein of excremental performances, and skwished the Feelies 5-0. The Iron Giant teetered back out of the red zone with a couple of hits, including a two run double. Ever the sub without admitting it Derek Dietrich, struggling with mojo envy, continues to “press” (funny term – how many Webster’s dictionaries does he have to pile on top of one rose?) as Dee “Who? Me?” Gordon, trailing clouds of, uh, glory, returns from exile like some Napoleon disembarking from the Elba shuttle.

    More great news for Trump supporters! Ichiro lined his 2997th in the fourth after his shot to the wall in the first resulted in a shoulder injury for the leaping Bourjos – this just as the Feelies were shopping him like a used Volkswagen dielsel Jetta. In any case, neocloacals can now have two fingers free – that’s one for each nostril – while counting up how many more hits The Weezard needs to reach 3000.

    Zo: as we continue to pack for London, including two sets of Oddjob™ brand carborundum dental plates to help us bite through English roast beef, the Feesh now stand at 54-46, in second place behind the Gnats and a half game ahead of the Mutts who split with the Cardinals last night. They’re clinging to the second wild card slot like the Coyote to a daisy.


    • Have a good trip and enjoy the favorable exchange rate. I would go back in a heartbeat if my employer didn’t have other plans for me for the next while.


      • I am my employer, and I say go to London. I hear the Museum of Science (right around the corner from the still-extant Indian restaurant where I took my future bride on our first date, and which we visit every time we cross the pond on a pilgrimage totally free of stone-the-Devil stampedes) finished constructing their second (or is it their third?) Babbage difference engine. I can’t wait to see it.

        They need to offer a shelf-sized model of this thing in the gift shop.


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