Weekend Express 7-22-2016

It’s Hall of Fame weekend.  Is anyone excited for the events?

Indians 1, Orioles 5

Phillies 4, Pirates 0

Padres 5, Nationals 3

Giants 2, Yankees 3

Mariners 2, Blue Jays 1

Cardinals 2, Reds 6

Twins 2, Red Sox 1

Mets 5, Marlins 3

Cubs 5, Brewers 2

Tigers 7, White Sox 5

Angels 1, Astros 2

Dodgers 3, Cardinals 4

Rangers 1, Royals 3

Braves 3, Rockies 4

Rays 0, Athletics 1

One thought on “Weekend Express 7-22-2016

  1. Answer to your question: No.

    Fernando Rodney, the brokedown palace for whom the Feesh traded their top pitching prospect, ackcherley barfed up the winning runs in the ninth this time, even though David Phelps got tagged with the loss. The Iron Giant is into one of his depressingly frequent funks again, and the rotation remains erratic and suspect once you get past El Keed. Even though the Feesh have been, eh, hot lately, in the midst of their wins against teams with big problems of their own you can see that their low-scoring victories (and lower scoring losses) evidence a continuing inability to bring home their runners. Christian Yelich has been carrying the team since the All-Star Break but no one can do it alone.


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