Update: Sale Scratched From Start After Clubhouse Incident

Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale was a very late scratch from today’s start due to an unspecified clubhouse incident.  The White Sox released a statement saying that Sale was “sent home” due to a “clubhouse incident” and the matter was “under further investigation.”

Rumor has it that Sale was upset over the usage of throwback uniforms because they were uncomfortable.  Sale then proceeded to use a knife to cut up the uniforms after things escalated.


Matt Albers started in Sale’s place.  When word first surfaced of Sale’s late scratch, most initially believed he was traded as his name has come up in a few rumors recently.  There is no telling how this may affect his trade value moving forward, but here’s hoping if he does get traded there are no throwback uniform promotions planned in that team’s future.  This is not the first bit of dysfunction to come out of the White Sox clubhouse this season, as many remember the Adam LaRoche incident.  Chris Sale was very vocal during that time as-well, clashing with management very publicly.  Looks to me that the White Sox get to take home the most dysfunctional clubhouse of 2016 award.

ScoutsEdit: According to Deadspin, the Sox still ended wearing throwback jerseys, however they were different jerseys than the ones given away to fans.  Sale was apparently upset that in his view, the team valued P.R. over winning.

ScoutsUpdate: The White Sox announced today that Sale was suspended for 5 games.

8 thoughts on “Update: Sale Scratched From Start After Clubhouse Incident

    1. If he was really that unhappy about it, he could have asked them to move his start back or something. This is beyond childish, and if I read Rosenthal correctly, it’s actually a violation of his contract, as MLB has uniform codes that players must abide by and he didnt…

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    1. Sillier things have happened, I guess. Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or had a fight with someone? There’s got to be more to it than this.


        1. What Sr or Jr LaRoche could do pales in comparison to this. An argument can be made for LaRoche Sr on principle. What Sale has done (according to media reports) really can’t be defended. Unless he wants out of the ChiSox.


  1. I took the liberty of reading various posts on Facebook and Twitter re: the fans view of this. Fans were pissed off because this was supposed to be a big themed celebration, with many older White Sox fans bringing their kids and grandkids to this specific game to celebrate the 1976 team and also see Chris Sale. Technically, yeah, it’s a PR move, but the White Sox were trying to give back to their very loyal fan base by doing something nice and fun for them, and Sale took a huge dump on it. The fans are the people who get the shaft here. Don’t forget who ultimately pays your salary, Chris.


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