The Midnight Snack – Thursday

This week has sucked eggs, I’ll be honest with you. Tomorrow is Friday. I’m hoping that the weekend will be better. All I can say about this week can be summed up by country legend Roy Clark.

So let’s think about some happy stuff!

David Ortiz might be a shell of what he used to be. He can’t run the base path anymore. His feet constantly hurt. But dammit, that man can still mash.

What did the Pesky Pole ever do to you, Papi?

Here’s something that’s really, REALLY awesome. Stacy Piagno made her debut with the Sonoma Stompers. Here she is on the mound.

This is so very cool, and something I hope to see in numerous ballparks across the country soon.

And of course, what would a happy Snack be without a mascot?

Me too, Rangers Captain. Me, too! I had some pizza (as did Pirate Parrot).

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