The Midnight Snack – Moon Shot Edition

It’s National Moon Day, when we celebrate one of man’s greatest achievements, a human on the surface of the moon. I grew up a giant space nerd, and still consider myself one. One of my greatest heroes in life is former Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter. I celebrate Yuri’s Night every year, and of course, on this most awesome of days, give thanks for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and the loneliest man in the universe, Michael Collins. In honor of National Moon Day, I’m gonna celebrate moon shots.

Tonight, this chick digs the long ball.

Bro. Look at that form! Rizz went yard not one, but two times today. Mash it!

Mash it!

The Magical Land of Cleve wanted to say what’s up.

Mash it!

But Hanley Ramirez thinks all of that is child’s play.

Three homers in a night? MASH MASH MONSTER MASH IT!

Rock it, man. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Moon Shot Edition

  1. I am also a giant space nerd. For days I lamented the loss of poor Laika when I first heard her story. “Why couldn’t they bring her back, daddy?” They lacked the technology, he told me. Unsatisfactory reason for a child. I am still a bit upset at the Russians.

    How have you all been? 🙂 I miss you guys.


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