The Midnight Snack – Monday Monday

You might think that the headline is a typo, but no. No, my friend, it’s not. You’ll see.

A whole week without the Snack. In a way, it was great not having to worry about the nightly column, but in another way, I felt kinda off. I guess doing something almost every night for a year will do that to a person.

Worn out phrases and longing gazes won’t get you where you want to go…No!

The Twins found out that worn out phrases and longing gazes at winning records aren’t getting their franchise anywhere, either, and dismissed their general manager Terry Ryan.

Twins Twitter was abuzz with questions, and of course our old pal Gleeman had plenty to say. Here’s one tweet with stats that lets everyone know exactly why Minnesota decided to part ways with Ryan.

Of course, they replaced him with a guy who knows very little about analytics and actually thinks that pitcher W/L is a great stat.

But I guess the Twins will go where they wanna go…

One thought on “The Midnight Snack – Monday Monday

  1. Maybe they’ll be first to have a GM Mamma…Kim Ng. Hello? Hello? Minnesota ain’t ready for that jelly?


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