He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/18/16

Chris Correa, the one time St. Louis Cardinals scouting director who was convicted of illegally accessing the Astros database was sentenced to 46 months in prison yesterday.  Of course, I’m sure he’ll likely only serve half that time, yet it’s still a lot longer of a sentence than I think most anticipated.  Correa pled guilty to five founts of unauthorized access of a computer.  He basically used an old password to log into the Astros system Ground Control.  Now that the criminal case is settled, it’s expected MLB will decide on punishment against the Cardinals, punishment that is expected to include fines, and the loss of draft picks.  No word on if the Astro’s IT Director was terminated for not doing his basic fucking job and enforcing even a rudimentary password policy.

Rangers 5, Angels 9Texas is in the middle of a bit of a slump at the moment and the division lead is down to 4.5 games. 

Mets 1, Cubs 5Prof:  Jon Lester vs Steven Matz. Sorry, kid, but the vet brought his game today. Little Szczur goes 3-4 in a Chicago victory.

White Sox 3, Mariners 4 Todd Frazier hit home run number 26.  Adam Lind hit a pinch-hit two out, three-run home run in the bottom of the 9th as the Mariners left the Sox stunned.  Chris Sale can’t do everything folks.


Orioles 1, Yankees 2Prof:  A-Rod hits home run #696. How long after he hits #700 before the Yankees let him walk? Discuss among yourselves. On the O’s side, Matt Weiters left the game with an injury to his foot. Uh oh.


Rays 4, Rockies 7Trevor Story keeps mashing.  22 in total already.

Astros 4, A’s 7Houston misses a good opportunity in this one to gain some ground.  Chris Davis with a K hit number 23.

Marlins 3, Phillies 2,  F/11Prof:  El Keed just can’t catch a break. K’s 14 and still gets a no decision.

Twins 0, Tigers 1Prof:  Justin Upton, hero of the day. His home run was the only run needed to win against the hapless Twins.

Braves 1, Reds 8The Reds win the battle of the who gives a fuck.

Indians 3, Royals 7Prof:  That Magical Land of Cleve, y’all. Mike Napoli is having a career year, while poor Yan Gomes keeps getting injured. Word of caution – never allow me to choose your catcher in my fantasy team, as every backstop I take ends up getting injured every single year. Last year it was Lucroy and Jaso, this year it’s Gomes and Grandal. Anyway, Kansas City has a monster eighth inning to win this game behind Jarrod Dyson’s Grand Slam.


Padres 2, Cardinals 10 You know balls are flying out of the park when Matt Kemp hit number 19 on the season.

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/18/16

  1. Good point about the Astros’ IT Director. The organization has shown an alarming tendency to trumpet how cutting-edge-ahead-of-the-game-brilliantly-innovative they are, while slipping up on the basic day-to-day operations stuff.

    But enough of that. Let’s talk an appropriate penalty for the Cards:

    They should forfeit their first three draft choices to the Astros.
    They should pay the Astros an immediate $50 million fine.
    The Astros should have right of first refusal on any AAA call-ups for the next year.
    Especially young pitchers.
    They should immediately forfeit the rest of their games this year with the Astros.
    The Astros should get a ten percent cut of their cable broadcast income in perpetuity.
    They should be required, on pain of further sanctions, to win every game left with
    every AL West team not located in Houston.
    Their radio announcers should be required for one year to refer to the Houston
    team as “Our gracious masters, the revered Astros.”

    That will do. We’ll let them off easy this time.

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      • I thought just requiring the Cards to beat all other AL West teams was enough. I toyed with the thought of more, but I guess the Astros have to do a little bit of it themselves.


        • True, but it might be sweeter to single out the Rangers juust a little more. Also, if they throw at the Royals for you, your hands stay clean-ish. Just saying.

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  2. That N/D suits El Keed right for giving up two runs. There’s no excuse for that. But dear Buddha, did he have that curveball falling orf the table or what? An additional bit of information for ye: El Keed is the fastest to 500 Ks in terms of innings pitched of any pitcher in history. I mean, fast:

    I missed a bit of the game to watch the Donald’s most current peabrained trophy wife deliver Michelle Obama’s keynote speech from eight years ago. What a stirring moment. The RNC spinmeisters are busy claiming it’s not Michelle’s speech despite its often word-for-word correspondence. Perhaps Melania (sounds like some rare form of subcutaneous malignancy) was merely channeling “Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote.”

    By the way, I don’t know who that new analyst sitting in Tommy Hutton’s postgame chair opposite Dave O’Brien is, but he looks just like Max Headroom.


    • How can you watch any of that “convention”? I couldn’t even stomach reports of some of the things that happened during (families victimized by illegal immigrants??!!! W.T.F.).


      • I watched some old Red Skelton movies instead to save myself the pain, but woke up to the over and over replay of the plagiarized sections on CNN. The Gods have gone beyond baseball to twist the knife on me this year,

        But beware Tigers fan, it’s been announced that Twins GM Terry Ryan is bye bye. I’m sure that will fix everything. Tell the kitten to watch its tail.


    • That’s an impressive stat (El Keed, not Melania).

      Bob Feller, Walter Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Clayton Kershaw, Steve Carlton, etc? That’s fairly awesome.


    • Actually I think it shows the broad minded efficiency of Trump world. Donald said “get Melanie some classy first lady stuff to say’. His razor sharp staff then decided to harvest classy first lady stuff from, where else, classy first lady speeches. Did they limit themselves to Ann Romney, Laura Bush, Dole’s wife or Nancy Reagan, no they had the broadness of mind to take from the devil in the flesh Obamas. Did they waste precious time and energy reconstructing the word order and pointlessly tweaking the phraseology, no they cut and pasted allowing themselves to move on to anti Kasich tweets.

      Unlike the sniveling politicians, business mogul Donald John Trump, like Mussolini, will make the trains run on time!


  3. Too bad that IT guy wasn’t a promising Stanford swimmer or he’d have gotten no jail time.

    You know, there’s something fundamentally wrong with a system that protects property more than personal safety.


    • Here’s the difference. The victim had approximately equal wealth and power with the perpetrator. That’s how you get justice these days.


      • I know that’s how the system is set up, but it doesn’t make it burn less. The founders were making something that served them — not the other people in society. We’ve subverted it some in the ensuing decades, but it could use some fundamental tinkering…which won’t happen.


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