Fridays are for Friends


Last night, we found out that there was yet another terrorist attack, this time in Nice, France. (I know the photo is of Paris, but we already have it in our archives and it’s too beautiful not to use again.) My heart aches for the people of France. I don’t know what to say. Sorrow, of course, but almost numb. It’s all too much, and it doesn’t seem to end.

A dear friend of mine, a French national, lived near the Swiss border but always visited Nice at least once a year. She loved it there, always talked about how much I would love it there. My beautiful friend Svet. She has since passed away, but every time I think of Nice, I think of her. Svet, too, would be heartbroken.

We write about these attacks too often. I’m out of words. A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late.

Every day is for friends here at F.I., but Fridays are most welcome. Last day without baseball for a while, so no scores again. As the narrator of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! might say, “Welcome baseball, while we stand, heart to heart and hand in hand.”


Actual photo of me waiting for baseball to come back.

While we wait for baseball to come back to us, let us know what you’re expecting from your team or your team’s biggest rival down in the comments below. I’m expecting more fail from the Braves and I’m expecting the Cubs to trade a few people for a couple of bullpen pieces…

5 thoughts on “Fridays are for Friends

  1. Something different for starters. Over at The Blog Which Must Not Be Named, they are linking to a short video by Paul Sullivan on major leaguers who passed away in the last year. Worth a short visit. Or you can probably link without going there. It’s hard to watch that and not reflect on your own life and your relationship with baseball just a bit.

    Interesting trivia bit. Gene Elston and Milo Hamilton both died last year. Between them, they were “the Voice of the Astros” for 50 of the 54 years that the franchise has existed. And Hamilton just quit completely last year – literally weeks before he died. So if you ever followed the Astros, those were your two voices.

    It could be a very interesting race in the AL West. The Astros have gone from ice cold to red hot, and have a couple of big prospects liable to come up soon. But the mission is simple. They are 1-8 against the Rangers. If that stat is not considerably more even before the end of the season, then they will pray for a wild card or stay home.


    • I had the pleasure of hearing Milo Hamilton call Pirates games in the 70s and early 80s, with his partner Lanny Frattare. I lived a good four hours from Pittsburgh, and so things had to be just right for my radio to pick up the broadcasts from KDKA, but they made it fun, even when the Pirates were bad.


      • I leaned toward Elston, but he was too cool and detached for the Front Office. They were looking for more cheerleading. I will say, though, that Milo mixed the cheerleading with good delivery and reasonable analysis.


        • Re: the cheerleading, the weird thing is that all the catchphrases I remember from the Hamilton/Frattare pairing were Lanny’s, not Milo’s.

          Lanny would always say “And there was noooooo doubt about it” after every win, and his home run call was “Go ball! Get out of here!”.


  2. In the second half, I expect…
    – Bryce Harper will find a happy and productive medium between last year/April of this year and May/June of this year
    – Mike Rizzo will make a trade for a bullpen arm that doesn’t have everyone saying “what the fuck is he doing?”
    – The Nats, barring any serious injuries, will win the NL East, clinching sometime in the last week of the season
    – The Nats will find themselves matched up with a worthy opponent in the playoffs, and will put up a valiant, but ultimately futile, fight. Whether that’s the NLDS, NLCS, or WS is yet to be seen.


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