About Last Night…

The American League bested the National League despite fine performances by Daniel Murphy, Kris Bryant, and Jose Fernandez. KB started out strong, smashing the first pitch he saw from Chris Sale.

Sadly, that euphoria for NL fans did not last long.

Ned Yost used his team smartly, as Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer came up clutch to give the AL home field advantage for this year’s World Series. Zach Britton saves the game, the first Orioles pitcher to snag an All Star Game save since 1986.

Who else had concerns about how Terry Collins used his team, including his bullpen? Why did Johnny Cueto go back out into the second? Why did Collins pull Corey Seager in a do-or-die situation to go with an untested Cardinal?

Answers to all these questions and more in today’s comments. Let’s have an All Star conversation!

16 thoughts on “About Last Night…

  1. I sort of half watched the game, and went to bed at midnight my time, which was just before Will Harris came in to put out Andrew Miller’s fire in the 8th.

    Some random moments I enjoyed:

    • The bit honoring Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn and naming the annual batting title awards after them. Nice gesture by MLB, especially for the San Diego fans.

    • Carlos Gonzalez sliding into second with his spikes really high… essentially right in Jose Altuve’s face. I guess he wanted to show off his new shoes.

    • Big Papi’s moment when he was pulled for a pinch runner… a nice standing O from the crown and lots of hugs from his AL teammates. I bet Edwin never dreamed his entry into the ASG would be as a pinch runner, of all things, but as slow as EE is, he runs at warp speed compared to David Ortiz.

    • Mike Trout keeps his streak alive… getting a hit in his first at-bat in 5 straight All-Star Games. The record is 7 (Winfield/Morgan/Mantle).


  2. I maybe only 25% watched the game. Fox had a shitty steam to my tablet and I left it on in the background while I did other things around the house like Netflix and Overatch. It wasn’t very eventful. I was really sad that Brad Brach didn’t get into the game. He really deserved it. Manny taking the ground ball in front of short was pretty funny. I prefer the game when they can play around some and have fun. The whole “this thing matters” is total crap. It was a poor attempt to make the players A show up, and B care enough to try to blow out someone’s shoulder at home like good old Pete Rose. It was interesting they had the players wear their regular uniforms and not the ugly puke pile that was used in the futures game and HR derby. Whatever happened to Red and Blue uniforms with stars all over them? In case you didn’t know the AL and NL have actual official colors. I’d expect a Red vs Blue which also offers an added benefit of additional marketing opportunities. Plus it looks really cool and helps the game stand out for the exhibition that it is.


  3. Some non-game peripheral observations from my corner of the Pacific diagonally opposite to San Diego…

    Firstly, my comments are based on a delayed viewing of the game with video & commentary from MLB International. Our monopoly local pay TV provider always struggles whenever ESPN is not the host broadcaster, so reverts to the MLBI feed. This means we miss out on such ‘enhancements’ as an overlaid strike zone box to show pitch location, in game field level commentary or manager interviews, super-slow-mo replays and a pitch count tally. On the other hand, we got Matt Vasgergian and Mark De Rosa rather than Joe Buck…

    MLBI loves to highlight the nationality of players not from the US. But that just underscored one odd aspect of the pre-game razzamatazz, namely the national anthems. I get it that there’s a team based in Toronto, eh (hi nbjays!), and there was even one Canadian among the All Star rosters. But how about the multitude of players from Venezuela or the Dominican Republic? There were even more players from the Netherlands than Canada.

    The anthem singing also threw up another interesting cultural comparison. Canada provided four well-dressed young men with actual singing voices – you know, the kind with genuine range and power. After that, we got some pop-tart in leather hot pants doing what she could to bask in the rocket’s red glare. When Rachel Platten was announced, my other half and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, ‘who?’. After a quick Google search, we found she’s a 35-year old (in leather hot pants, remember) who has been a star since, oh, just last year. Of course, today’s news is all about how those dastardly Canadians dared to include a protest lyric…

    Who was defending San Diego while the entire fleet was at the ball park, anyway? It’s hard enough to fit the one-hundred-and-eleventy-eight ‘All Stars’ down the foul lines as it is. Throw in around a carrier’s worth of sailors, a bunch of little leaguers, media hangers-on and ‘celebrities’, plus a battalion of Marines to carry a flag, and it felt like there were more people on the field than watching from the seats.

    Speaking of those fans, maybe it was just the MLBI feed but it seemed there was very little excitement among the crowd. The whole game just seemed relatively quiet, as though the people there were watching a passing parade with no particular interest in it. This was especially noticeable in comparison to the Giancarlo Stanton bash fest extravaganza the day before. On that point, did you notice when he (or Trumbo) hit one anywhere near the balconies of the Western Metal Supply building in the left field corner that everyone just scattered and nobody tried to catch the ball? I’m surprised no windows were broken…

    As for the game, I thought the NL still had a chance right up until Collins subbed Diaz for Seager. With the hot bat of Murphy waiting on deck, Collins really needed a more-cautious and experienced option, or maybe a big bopper off the bench – Madison Bumgarner anyone? (Just joking, really. Well, maybe, just a little…)

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    1. AUGH THANK YOU VIKING! I, too, thought that the NL could still win until Terry Collins decided that he wanted to play the game the old school way, when it didn’t matter at all. Sadly, it DOES matter, and none of us like it that way, but that’s the way it is and therefore, one must play to win the game. Right? RIGHT!?!?!?

      Terry Collins was driving me BATTY. I seriously, SERIOUSLY, wanted to know why Johnny Cueto came out for the second inning. They had a full roster of pitchers who could still pitch, not even counting Arrieta and Thor being gone. I mean, why not get Bartolo Colon out there? He was there, why not utilize him? I was peeved! And Zobrist was still an option! Zobrist, a man who can play virtually every position, was still available. Why not use him as the batter when you pulled Corey Seager from the lineup? (Still don’t understand that sub, do you?) I mean, come on! Zobrist could have at the very least made some kind of contact, even a Ned Yost special. Lucroy is pretty speedy at times and a fine base runner, so I know he could have scored off a Zoby bunt.

      On a different note, I might be one of the few people in the world who truly hates that “Fight Song” song. I also dislike the way that lady sings. I muted her national anthem and I muted her Stand Up to Cancer performance of aforementioned “Fight Song”. Bleck. And I found myself wondering what happened to her shirt, because it looked weird with the leather shorts.

      I was so torn. I mean, obviously – OBVIOUSLY – I’m always rooting for the NL. I mean, my teams are NL teams. Rizzo, Bryant, and Zobrist were all there, Teheran was able to pitch, and I’m always an NL girl, but… I really love Mark Trumbo. 😦 It’s so hard to root against Trumbo and Jose Altuve and Mike Trout, it makes me sad. (But mostly Trumbo. Have I told you lately that I really like Trumbo? Because I do.)

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        1. One of my great culture heroes, the real Dalton Trumbo famously said of the House Un-American Activities Committee, on the Dick Cavett show many yores back, that if you failed to answer their questions, “they would bite your tushy.”

          I’ll take that over clean cut any day.


        2. “Johnny Got His Gun.”

          Now there is a man with a worldview I could come to appreciate.

          The guy could make Cormac McCarthy look like an optimist.


    2. Hi back, Vikings…

      I’m pretty sure the two anthems are there because of where teams are located, not where players are from, or we’d have a dozen or so assorted songs before every single game. As for the change in lyrics for “O Canada”, well that was perpetrated by one member of the group without the knowledge or approval of the other three… as a result, that rogue tenor is now the unemployed tenor, having been ousted from the group in protest of his protest.

      That said, the Canadian anthem has almost always come off better than the U.S. one mainly due to the fact that most people sing “O Canada” it as it was written, with little embellishment or creative license with the melody. The poor old “Star Spangled Banner” however, could more properly be referred to as the “Star Mangled Banner” at least 90% of the time, as everyone and his brother attempts to put their own “style” on the poor tune. John Stafford Smith (the man who wrote the music) must be spinning in his grave.

      As for the “lone Canadian”, Michael Saunders, I didn’t see the final numbers for the fan vote for the last roster spot, but he got 98.7% of the votes up here in Canuckistan, by virtue of being a Canuck player on the lone Canuck-base team. #VoteCaptainCanada led the other 4 right from the get-go and never looked back.

      And I believe we also got Matty and Mark in the booth, in place of Joe “I Love Me” Buck, which is truly a blessing.

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      1. Not that this is directly relevant, but I couldn’t find any smoked meat in Germany either. I had to settle for blutwurst and saumagen.

        Not that I’m complaining. The lack of smoked meat and the downright Cubanesque national aversion to green vegetables made me feel right at home. Even so, it’s nice to be getting my fiber from multiple sources again instead of from sauerkraut alone.


  4. I was too busy catching up on the piles of work that accumulated on my desk over the ten days I was orf scarfing schnitzel and saumagen and guzzling summer wheat beer so I didn’t really watch the game. I continue to believe that having this exhibition game determine home field advantage for the world series, instead of the best record through the series and playorfs, is as stupid as a Trump tweet. It’s almost as if Bud Light died and left the game his senile dementia.

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    1. I’m never forgiving Selig for screwing up what’s supposed to be a super fun, joyful exhibition game into something that makes no sense and takes a giant crap on rewarding the best actual team throughout the season with an advantage.

      Bud can take a leap.


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