Super Random Baseball Post!

There were no games last night, which means no recaps.

But that doesn’t stop us from having a post!

Did any of you watch the Home Run Derby last night? Did you also watch the Celebrity Softball Game?

Do you have any predictions for tonight’s All Star Game?

Is Jose Fernandez the most adorable human being allowed on a baseball field?

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins
“Really, Prof?”

All these questions and more can be answered by YOU in the comments below! Let’s have a conversation!


16 thoughts on “Super Random Baseball Post!

  1. I have to confess the All-Star game is my four day hiatus from baseball. I have difficulty building much interest in it.

    And the Home Run Derby is usually just the signal that it is time for Todd Frazier’s mid-season collapse.

    But I have a very needy and demanding Fantasy team, and this does allow me a few days not to worry about whether they are playing in the street or smoking cigarettes or meeting loose women or something.

    I’ll be revved up for the real thing by Friday.

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  2. I’ve never really been big into the All-Star game myself. This year even more so. Sure I’ll have it on my tablet in the background, but for me this is a good opportunity to relax some and take a break. I can’t get over how butt ugly the uniforms are and it’s going to be very strange to see two teams with basically the same uniform tonight. Also those stupid fucking caps.

    The balls were so very clearly super juiced last night, but it’s not like the HR derby has any sort of integrity. It’s about putting on a show and marketing and all that jazz.

    Stanton was very impressive last night. Absolutely murdered some balls. So was Trumbo. Didn’t hit them as quickly as others, kinda stepped back and took his time, but man did he really wind up on some of those balls.


    1. If I’m tempted to watch, it will be just to see Altuve lead off. I usually try not to be too much of a homer, but that goes out the window with the All-Star game.


    2. “I can’t get over how butt ugly the uniforms are and it’s going to be very strange to see two teams with basically the same uniform tonight. Also those stupid fucking caps.”

      Are they doing that for the game itself, or were those just for all the ancillary stuff? I know last year they did those weird trucker hats (specific to each team) for the game, but everyone wore their normal uniforms.


        1. I think they wear their regular uniforms for the game. I hope so?

          Still think they look like 1980s Taco Bell uniforms.


        2. Prof: They do look like fast food unis. But they also look a bit like throwback Padres jerseys, which is very appropriate. Ugly, but appropriate. On the other hand, whoever developed the D-backs’ unis is probably on a streetcorner looking for work.


        3. Yeah, I know they are throwback Padres unis. I kinda like old Padres unis. Not as much as I love the rainbow vomit Astros unis, though! Those are the best!!! What I wouldn’t give to have one of those Astros throwbacks of Roy Oswalt.


  3. Only reason I might tune in tonight (Tues) is to see if Aaron Sanchez will get on the mound (our kids played together when his family come over from the Valley to visit). Otherwise, I don’t bother with marketing events.


  4. When I was a kid, I cared about the All-Star game. I grew up a Pirates fan in central PA, and my fondest memory of the game is 1979, when Dave Parker had two assists.

    Back then, though, national telecasts were limited to one Saturday afternoon game and one Monday night game, so if you wanted to see some player who played in another part of the country, the ASG was pretty much it. Now, since you can see any game you want if you’re willing to pay for it, there’s no value in it for me, even though the results determine home field for the World Series.

    So, I’m with Stex, and basically on hiatus right now.


    1. I used to love it when it was an exhibition. It was fun! But when it became”worth something” it stopped being fun. I love the idea of guys just having a good time, hanging out with dudes from other teams that they admire, goofing, just having fun. It’s probably why I like the home run derby because it’s just bragging rights, and guys admiring other players. Like this year, when Fernandez came out with the heart eyed emoji sign for Stanton, that was awesome! Arrieta and his kids chatting with Papi Ortiz and freaking out over Trumbo’s shot that hit the roof. That’s awesome! And it’s the way it ought to be.


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