He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/10/16

Prof:  The All Star break is upon us. Many of the teams on this list are looking forward to having a well deserved break, while some of them are probably angry because they’ve hit a hot streak. This is our last recap of games that truly matter until the end of the week, so let’s do this.

Scouts: The Futures game was played yesterday, and it featured some very impressive performances.  I’m more interested in who thought it would be a good idea to give both teams the same ugly uniforms.  My team offered up the starting catcher for the USA team, and he went 1 for 2 with a towering 401 foot home run. (Of course the Orioles’ prospect hit a home run.)  Did your favorite team’s star show up to play?


Cubs 6, Pirates 5Prof:  The Cubs still have an impressive record, but they have been showing some wear and tear lately. This win caps off a bad late June/early July skid for Chicago, who is probably thankful for the chance to regroup (although a huge portion of the team will still be playing in the All Star Game).

Cardinals 5, Brewers 1The Cardinals lost their…What what’s that?  Oh.  They won.  Guess that’s one less article and sad photo for Deadspin.

Braves 2, White Sox 0Prof:  Mike Foltynewicz (Fol-tee-nev-itz) vs James Shields. Folty hasn’t been too great this year for Atlanta, but his ERA is still miles ahead of the White Sox hurler. AJ Pierzynski continues to get loud ovations at the Cell; probably the only place on earth this happens.

Twins 15, Rangers 5Prof:  I don’t know what’s gotten into the Twins lately. Happy or MadChef, do you have any info you can give us? All I do know is that Max Kepler is making a name for himself. Kepler is a German-born player who has cut through some growing pains to bring some fresh blood to Minnesota. The lefty has a nice swing. Kepler used that swing to give the Twins a much needed grand slam against one of the best teams in baseball. Also, I sincerely hope Kepler takes advantage of a really great German eatery in the Twin Cities, the Black Forest Inn. Sauerbraten is killer there.

Phillies 10, Rockies 3A bunch of people I never heard of did a lot of good things including some guy named Maikel Franco who hit his 18th home run of the season.  I’d say that Home Runs are most definitely up this year.

Diamondbacks 0, Giants 4 –  Prof:  MadBum misses out on a perfect game. Even though I can’t stand the guy, I’m kinda bummed. I love no hitters, regardless of who is throwing them. Bumgarner has to settle for a complete game, 117 pitches. Gritty Jake Lamb is the one to blame for breaking up the perfection.


Tigers 1, Blue Jays 6 The AL East, the only division that’s a race right now.  Boston and Toronto and Baltimore all won on the final day of the half.  Toronto and Boston remain just 2 games out of first.  If the season were to end today, three teams from the AL East would make the playoffs.

Nationals 3, Mets 2Prof:  Gio gets the win! Matz gets the loss! And Paplebottom jeans, boots with the fur (with the furrrr) gets the save! It’s all another day in the NL East! Take it away, SomeGuy!

Rays 0, Red Sox 4Price found his stuff again.  Ortiz hits number 22.  Tampa is just counting down the days until they get their team back.


Yankees 11, Indians 7Prof:  Another team that’s probably ready for the All Star Break are the Indians, who have gone 3-6 since their unprecedented 14 game winning streak. The boys from the Magical Land of Cleve committed three errors today, leading to eight unearned runs.

Reds 3, Marlins 7Stanton hit number 20.  Miami is a team to watch out for in the second half.

Angels 2, Orioles 4Prof:  Little Timmy got the start against Baltimore. Before today, Lincecum had never pitched against the Orioles, but the lack of familiarity did not phase them. Truth be told, Lincecum did well by Los Angeles, allowing only a two run shot to Chris Davis. It was the bullpen who ultimately lost the game for the Angels, even though Little Timmy gets the loss.


Athletics 1, Astros 2 F/10Down to their last out, the Astros found a way.  I’m rooting for you Houston.  Just 2 games back from the Wild Card.


Mariners 8, Royals 5 Kansas City is now tired for third place in the division, 7 games back and has lost 7 of their last 10. 

Padres 1, Dodgers 3Prof:  Kenta Maeda continues to impress, striking out 13 in Los Angeles’ win over San Diego. Maeda finishes the first half of the season with a record of 8-6 and an ERA of 2.95.

2 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/10/16

  1. I have no idea why the Mets continue to pitch to Daniel Murphy. In thirteen games against his former team this year, he’s hitting .423, has an OPS of 1.331, and has hit seven home runs, including three in the just-concluded series. He claims in interviews that it’s not personal, just business to play well against a division opponent, but this is woman scorned levels of fury here…

    Gio did get the win, and Papelbon got the save, but Tanner Roark deserves some credit for the 2 1/3 shutdown innings he pitched between Gio and Papelbon; 7 batters faced, 7 batters retired in his first appearance in relief this year. (His turn in the rotation would be today, so there was no reason not to use him yesterday.)

    Nats enter the break with a six game lead on both the Mets and the Feesh; they’re 9-4 against the former, and 7-6 against the latter, and won’t see either again till six times each in September. It’s harder to make up a deficit against a team if you don’t play them a bunch, so both have their work cut out for them if they want to contend for the division.


  2. At the end of April, who would have guessed the Astros would have bounced back the way they have now?

    Still have a hill to climb. The Rangers’ lead is down to 5.5 games, but the Astros still have to demonstrate that they can actually…. you know, like….win a game against Texas.

    But hope now reigns where despair had been.


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