The Midnight Snack – Friday


Why do you build me up, buttercup, baby just to let me down?

You mess me around. And then worst of all…

You never call, baby, when you say you will.

But I love you still.

So build me up, buttercup. Don’t break my heart.

2 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. On the upside, my Jays have won 7 straight, and are now within a game of Scout’s Orioles. Even better, Captain Canada has been voted into the All-Star Game, joining The Bringer of Rain, The Parrot Walker and Estrada-varius. This is one team that probably doesn’t want the break, given how hot their hitters are right now.

    Consider the following slash lines, all representing the last 7 days:

    Ezequiel Carrera: .273/.370/.455 .825 OPS
    Josh Donaldson: .500/.607/.864 1.471 OPS
    Edwin Encarnacion: .333/.370/.583 .953 OPS
    Michael Saunders: .458/.519/.750 1.269 OPS
    Russell Martin: .368/.478/.632 1.110 OPS
    Troy Tulowitzki: .391/.444/.652 1.097 OPS
    Darwin Barney: .400/.438/.533 .971 OPS
    Kevin Pillar: .438/.474/.500 .974 OPS

    You think these guys want a break? Do you want their pitchers to face them?

    The only regulars who have been struggling lately are Devon Travis and Justin Smoak, but considering the above numbers, it doesn’t matter that much, and Smoak is mainly in for his glove anyway.


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