David Huff signs with KBO LG Twins

(Translated, via SK sports media outlet donga news.)


The KBO league team, LG Twins, just signed left-handed pitcher David Huff, 31 years of age, of the Los Angeles Angels… the contract made was said to be on a one-year deal worth an estimated 637 million Won (550,000 USD), which, also, includes performance based incentives… an announcement was made just today.

The Los Angeles Angels minor league affiliate, Triple-A Salt Lake Bees, placed David Huff on the temporary inactive list back in July 5th, but was eventually released by the organization for him to have an opportunity to play overseas.

In this 2016 MLB regular season with the Angels, David Huff currently has a record of 0-2, while having an ERA of 11.81 in 5.1 innings pitched (2 games overall, all in which he started)… David Huff played for 8 years there at the Major league level, for a total of 5 different organizations (Indians, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, and the Angels)… he owns a record of 25-30, while posting an ERA of 5.17 in his Major league career (777.1 innings pitched; 120 games overall, 57 games in which he started).

With LG Twins starting pitcher, Scott Copeland (who signed with them last April, for 750,000 USD on a one-year deal), released by the team when the new acquisition was made, new comer David Huff will replace Copeland as the teams’ new starter this season, right below RH starting pitcher Henry Sosa’s second spot in the rotation… he is expected to pitch for LG some time next week…

Scott Copeland finished the 2016 season with the LG Twins having a record of 2-3, while posting an ERA of 5.54 in 14 games in the year, as the teams’ third starter in the rotation.

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