The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

Hey, y’all. Let’s have some fun, all righty?

First of all, we can set the mood with some music.

Maybe this Cleveland pitcher is listening to the same thing we are.

Now, what’s more fun than a mascot? A dancing mascot. A dancing ORBIT, to be precise.

How can you not smile at a dancing green alien? You can’t.

And speaking of dancing…

Stomper, the A’s mascot, is one I don’t usually pay too much attention to. And that’s on me, because he’s cute and fun. I’ll dance with ya, silly elephant.

Paws is also a great dancer.

But let’s not forget National League mascots! Lou Seal always reps his West Coast boys.

I’m excited for all of the mascot shenanigans during the All Star Break! How about you?

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