Brewers Trade Aaron Hill to Boston

The Milwaukee Brewers have traded infielder Aaron Hill (with cash considerations) to the Red Sox for minor leaguers Aaron Wilkerson and Wendell Rijo.

Wilkerson is a righty who has appeared in eight games in Pawtucket this season, his first in AAA ball. He is 27 years old, and from this account on a notable Red Sox prospects page, does not look to be anything except a possible innings burning reliever.

Rijo, a twenty year old second baseman, looks to be a speedy but very raw talent.

Hill, a 12 year veteran who has played for Toronto and the Diamondbacks, was new to Milwaukee this season. He played 78 games for the Brewers, with 292 plate appearances and a batting average of .283 on the season.

6 thoughts on “Brewers Trade Aaron Hill to Boston

  1. What the heck is Dombrowski doing? Trading away a guy who has a 2.14 ERA in AA and AAA for a guy who is supposed to do…what, exactly? Take Holt’s place? Is Shaw’s injury worse than originally thought?

    The parent team has abysmal starters (save Wright, and Porcello on a good day), and lately fairly poor relievers, and they trade away potential starting pitching. Totally disgusted.


    1. Yeah but, he’s 27 years old and…….” c’mere son, we are sneaking a great deal on them are…..but don’t fuck it up by telling them that. None of the three mentioned will amount to Shit.

      In the mean time, you have to wrap your head around that the fact that the “nonprofit MLB” that’s charging me not ONLY a high ticket price, 75$ fucking six packs, 45$ fucking parking and the rest.

      They own the fucking stadium too? Really? I bet old gator and everyone in Cobb county wishes they would have been at fucking LEAST fucking consulted on how our non existent tax dollars are going to fund these millionaire fuckstains who inherited even more money than they know what to do with.

      However, your child’s needs to the 1st, 3rd, 7,8,9,15, amendments don’t overwrite my NEED to have a fucking arsenal! Be fucking real!
      When Obumma comes to take away our gunz! Be aware that they are gonna have tanks, nuclear weapons, drones, nuclear submarines…etc.

      But thank you fucking sister-fucking crazy racist that makes me forget about actual bad people exist! It’s because of you right-winger, gun fetishists where you think you would do good in a shooting actually kill everyone you hope to protect and not actually empty the two glock 18 mags into your family, Well that’s on you.

      B You want me to understand how you can’t ……… know what?

      Fuck it!

      This isn’t the website I need to educate, but this is the ONLY people that I care about!


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