The Midnight Snack -Tuesday

I’m very sorry, but tonight’s Snack isn’t baseball related at all. Not even in the slightest. Forgive me.

A dear friend of mine died this weekend. I’ve known him off and on for almost 12 years now. His name was James.

Our friendship was always peculiar, I suppose. What on the surface does a white Southern thirty-something girl have in common with an African-American man in his mid-50’s who grew up outside of Detroit? Surprisingly enough, we had a lot in common.

James was one of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever known, and the world has lost a true light. He was always a person I could talk to when I was down, always had advice, always had a smile. My thoughts go to his long time partner, his children, the friends who were with him when he died.

Much like Gator’s young friend who was tragically murdered, it seems that the truly good people in this world are taken much too early and horrible, wretched souls continue to walk the Earth long after their expiration date.

So, James, my friend, my weird brother, I will miss you. You couldn’t sing, but I knew you loved this song, so in your memory, one more time. Goodbye, until we meet again.


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