He Said, She Said: Recaps for 7/4/16

Prof:  Well, shoot. Back to work after a long, but for me not very restful weekend. I was very productive, though, so that’s good. Not as productive as the baseball teams we follow, though. Those scores! The run production! The extra innings! And yesterday was no exception.

Scouts: Welcome back everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.  What did everyone do for the holiday?  Did you get to partake in cookouts and fireworks?  Spend time with friends and family?  Personally, I was able to finish the most recent season of Orange is the New Black, and it was….different.  Season 3 is by far not my favorite season, but I am looking forward to season 4.  Hopefully they can right the ship.


Mariners 1, Astros 2George Springer scored all the runs in this one for Houston as he blasted his 19th home run of the season.

Tigers 3, Indians 5Prof:  After a lengthy rain delay, the team from the Magical Land of Cleve came out swinging, with Mike Napoli catching fire. Tigers starter Daniel Norris was pulled from the game in the third inning due to an oblique injury. 


Orioles 5, Dodgers 7After winning 7 in a row, the O’s drop their 5th straight game.  The long West Coast trip continues with 3 more in LA before returning home to face the other LA.

Padres 8, D’backs 4Prof:  Zack Greinke is on the DL, so in his place the Snakes started Archie Bradley, who was overmatched by San Diego. Derek Norris ate him for dinner before leaving the game after being hit by a pitch. The Gritty Ones are now in a virtual tie for last place with the Pads in the NL West.


Braves 2, Phillies 8It’s good that Atlanta is hoarding pitching prospects, because they are are gonna need them.

Athletics 3, Twins 1 I hear that several teams are scouting the Twins for possible trade considerations.

Reds 4, Cubs 10 –  Prof:  Kris Bryant, home run machine, did what he does best and hit a homer in the game. KB also had to leave the game in the fifth inning due to a leg contusion. The Reds pitching coach was fired yesterday, but it didn’t seem to do Cincinnati any good.


Angels 2, Rays 4Logan Morrison had a pretty good game with a solo homerun and a second RBI. 

Yankees 2, White Sox 8James Shields got his second win as a White Sox as CC Sebathia turned in a ugly performance.  No Soup for you!

Rangers 5, Red Sox 12 –  Prof:  Rick Porcello overcomes a nasty four-run first inning to lead the Red Sox to victory. Boston hits four home runs in a rout of Texas.


Pirates 4, Cardinals 2Polanco brought in 3 runs on two home runs and was all the offense the Pirates really needed to take down the Cardinals who are now 9 games back.

Brewers 1, Nationals 0 –  Prof:  Martin Maldonado knocks in the only run of the day, a homer off of Mad Max Scherzer. I watched this game for about four innings while taking a break from sorting boxes in the basement. Bryce Harper still looking like he’s in a drought.


Rockies 1, Giants 3 Colorado seems to be that team that’s on the cusp of being good, but not quite there yet.  Buster Posey (Everyone remember him?) hit his 10th home run.

Marlins 6, Mets 8Prof:  Yoenis Cespedes hits a clutch two run single to ensure a Mets victory.

Royals 2, Blue Jays 6Aaron Sanchez worked his 9th win after a 5 run Toronto 7th.

3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 7/4/16

  1. George Springer – Flying under the radar into what I hope will be a coach’s selection to the All Star game. Slash line = .269/360/481. WAR to date = 3.5, dWAR = 0.8.
    Plus being the clubhouse glue for a lot of young players.

    Make it happen.


  2. The July 4th game in DC traditionally starts at 11AM, to allow for fans to clear out before the downtown fireworks crush, and while that’s early, it’s usually in the middle of a series, so both teams are dealing with roughly the same amount of rest. This year was different, in that the game was the opener of a series, and while the Nats had been home Sunday, the Brewers didn’t get to town until about midnight Sunday night, which you’d figure would be a big disadvantage. The Brewers evened showed themselves to be in a fog in the 1st inning, when Ryan Braun batted out of turn and his single was negated after Dusty pointed out the error to the umps. Unfortunately, the Nats were dealing with a hangover of their own, and with the noise of Sunday’s offensive outburst still ringing in their ears, they couldn’t muster anything at the plate themselves.

    The Nats have been maddeningly inconsistent when it comes to offense lately. Six home runs on Sunday and thirteen runs on Thursday counter-balanced with a total of five hits on Saturday and Monday, facing two guys named “Don Straily” and “Junior Guerra”, but I guess that’s baseball. Still four games up on the Mets with a four game series in New York between the two leading into the All-Star Break, so looking forward to the weekend for sure.


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