Update – Douchebag Announces To World He’s A Douchebag


Zack Hample is a douche-bag.  He’s long been a douche-bag, and is often on Twitter announcing to the world just how big of a douche-bag he is.  Zack has apparently decided to step up his efforts to be king of the douches.  No longer satisfid hip-checking little children in an effort to capture his 15th baseball of the game, Hample has now apparently decided to step up his game so to speak.  Hample not only illegally acquired tickets to a game in which he has no fucking right to be in, he also is pulling his “ball-hawk” bullshit, taking away souvenirs from those that actually deserve them.  Hample apparently caught 11 balls and claimed to give 10 of them away.  He also after a lot of criticism claims he is donating $1,100 to AMVets.org.  No matter what your stance is on “ball-hawks”, we should all be able to agree that Zack Hample is a douche-bag.

Officials said last week that tickets to the game, which were only given out to Department of Defense members and MLB employees, were non-transferrable. If tickets were given away, even if there was no money exchanged, spectators could be removed from the ballpark and face “reprecussions.”

Zack claims to have gotten the tickets from a friend, however his other online accounts tell a different story:


Last year, Hample caught Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit, and after deliberation, gave it to the Yankees in exchange for memorabilia and the right to enter Yankee Stadium before the general public to collect baseballs.

ScoutsUpdate: Peer pressure works!  Hample apologized for his actions and gave away the last remaining ball.


18 thoughts on “Update – Douchebag Announces To World He’s A Douchebag

  1. These things should have its limits… I may love Baseball more than any other sport, but this is just showing WAAAY too much love/devotion to a whole new level, pretty scary if you ask me.


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  3. This guy has been a d-bag for a long time, and I’m glad everyone is finally calling him out on it. I have no idea how this guy can lie and cheat his way into a game like this. I would love to see MLB ban him from games! He’s taken the greatest sports souvenir and turned it into stamp collecting. I’d definitely like to see him get between my kid and a baseball and see what happens..

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