Three Day Weekend Express – Recaps for 7/3/16

Most of the Americans on the blog have today off because it’s Captain America’s birthday. No. Wait. Sorry, it’s Independence Day. [But it’s also Captain America’s birthday. Happy birthday, Steve.]

More crazy games happened yesterday; more double digit runs! More extra inning games! More everything! Plus it’s a three day weekend and summer is in full swing. Plug the music into your grill out and let us know what details we missed in the games listed below.

Pirates 6, Athletics 3

Yankees 6, Padres 3

Giants 5, Diamondbacks 4 F/11

Rockies 1, Dodgers 4


Reds 1, Nationals 12

Royals 2, Phillies 7

Indians 1, Blue Jays 17

Cubs 3, Mets 14

White Sox 4, Astros 1


Tigers 5, Rays 1

Brewers 8, Cardinals 9

Angels 1, Red Sox 10

Rangers 4, Twins 5

Orioles 4, Mariners 9

Also, last night was the special Fort Bragg game featuring the Braves and Marlins. The game was supposed to be for service personnel (although some creeps made their way to the festivities). A special time and a nice way to give back to military families.

Marlins 5, Braves 2. But the true winners were the men and women in uniform and their loved ones who attended the game.




8 thoughts on “Three Day Weekend Express – Recaps for 7/3/16

  1. FWIW, the Angels scored 5 runs, not 1. Five runs helps make further indictment of the Sox pitching staff more possible, and indeed reasonable. Two highly questionable bullpen outings last night, but a good spot-start for a guy who is a journeyman who can’t seem to pitch well consistently at the MLB level.

    Btw, HBT has their Hample article up now, if anybody wants to offer their two or 15 cents. Baer at one point refers to him as “The eight-year-old Hample”. Maybe Hample really is an 8-year-old in a 38-year-old’s body. It would explain a lot of things.


    • On HBT, proudlycanadian came up with this idea. I like it:

      “MLB should create thousands of copies of balls for that game and sell them to fans with the proceeds going to a charity that helps vets. Yes, I am advocating that MLB cooks his goose by counterfeiting balls from the game.”

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  2. The rays “hitters” couldn’t a bull in h ass with a canoe paddle, an the pitching staff couldn’t it the broadside of a barn from inside with the doors closed!


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