The Vulture Report: July 4th, 2016

Only 1 Vulture this week! But hey it’s 4th of July so I get to pad the report with fluff about the U.S. Independence Day. Let me get the gif out of the way:


And here is our Vulture of the Week: Nate Jones.

June 30th, Nate Jones of the Chicago White Sox. You will recall that good old Nate vultured previously back in April. In fact, he was our very first vulture of the season. He’s at it again! With trusty sidekick Zach Duke of course. In our previous encounter, Zach was unable to get the out we has entrusted with, so Nate Jones had to come in and finish pooping all over the mound with two hit batsmen and a single. On this occasion Zach allowed the lead off double putting the tying run in scoring position.

Two outs later Ventura decides it’s Nate Jones time to face Eduardo Nunez. This outing was not as entertaining as the first one. Nate didn’t hit anything except Nunez’s bat. Eduardo singled in the tying run. Give Jones credit for pitching the next inning cleanly. Naturally in the bottom of the 8th the ChiSox get the upper hand with a J.B Shuck single scoring Avisail Garcia. But the W goes to Nate Jones. Poor Carlos Rodon, he may need to pitch a perfect game to ensure his wins don’t get snatched from Nate.

This guy is like some bizarro version of Batman:

Nate Jones! The helpful-unhelpful Relief Pitcher.

Still, this wouldn’t have been possible without trusty Zach letting the tying run get into scoring position in the first place. I really should be awarding the Vulture to both of them. He’s like the Bizarro Robin to Nate Jones’s Batzarro. In the end they are quite the dynamic duo:



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