Choose Your Own Recap Adventure – 7/1/16

Feeling a bit under the weather and crashed before I could do the prep work for today’s recap.

My apologies.

So you’re on your own. Take care of the place while I’m gone, and let us know what we missed.

3 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Recap Adventure – 7/1/16

  1. It’s not often that one gets to see the home team send its fans home both happy and unhappy, but that’s what happened last night in DC.

    See, there was supposed to be a post-game fireworks display, an annual appetizer for the main course on the National Mall on the 4th, and first pitch was scheduled for 6PM, rather than the usual 7:05. However, a bit of rain pushed the start back to 6:40-ish, and then the game reached the end of nine innings with the score standing at 2-2. Finally, in the bottom of the 14th, Denard Span hit a two-out walkoff double to score Danny Espinosa with the winning run, and the Nats won the game 3-2, and the fans who still remained went home happy.

    The rest of the fans had left unhappily a bit earlier, as the game didn’t end until 11:10PM, and a city ordinance decrees that yea, verily, no fireworks shall be displayed after 10:45PM, and once the cancellation of the display was announced, many moms and dads high-tailed it for the exits with their little Bayleighs, Kayleighs, Hayleighs, Braydens, Caydens, and Haydens in tow.

    Only thing notable about this game was that, for the second time in a week, Bryce Harper singled off the fence. He crushed one to right-center, and the ball hit the absolute top of the fence, above the E or I in GEICO:

    He posed a little bit when he hit it, and so he only made it to first; Papelbon might’ve gotten in his face about it, and Boswell tweeted this:

    Boswell carries water for Nats ownership/front office, and he alternates between kicking Harper’s ass and worshipping him. If Harper leaves town after 2018, I plan to hold Boswell partially accountable.


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