Update: Yun Seong-bin will no longer sign with the Padres

June 30th UPDATEAfter being drafted in the KBO 1st round by the Busan Lotte Giants in June 27th, and with the Lotte Giants personnel higher-ups, even the GM himself meeting with Yun Seong-bin’s parents personally just a couple days ago, stating their desires for him to stay, and play in the KBO… Yun, will now no longer sign, nor accept the 1.2 million USD amount given by the San Diego Padres this upcoming July 2nd… this, after news broke out in June 21st that he’ll be skipping the KBO league draft, in favor to play in the United States…

Image view via SK sisunnews: Busan Lotte Giants selected Yun Seong-bin in the first round (8th row) of the 2016 KBO territorial draft.

Yun Seong-bin, the 17 year old high school pitching phenom in South Korea, himself… stated that his dreams to play in the Major Leagues is still there in his heart… he’ll first have to take it step by step till he’s reached that final objective, he wants to prove himself if he’s indeed Major league worthy by performing well in the KBO… And he, too, will enter the posting system once he’s eligible. Which is 7 years of service time needed on the active roster, for one to be eligible.

(Translated, via media outlet SK isplus.com and SK donga sports news .)

This just in, via link above… South Korean high school pitcher from Busan, Yun Seong-bin (윤성빈), 17 years of age, said that he will skip the KBO league draft and will be signing with the MLB team San Diego Padres for a deal worth at least 1.2 million USD this upcoming July 2, 2016… a contract deal that will first send him to the lower minors.

Yun Seong-bin, boasting a Shohei Otani type physique, with a measured weight of 95kg and a height of 195cm, armed with a 153 kp/h fastball velocity and a wide variety of off-speed pitches in his arsenal… has been regarded as the very best pitcher in high school playing in their nation today.

Yun Seong-bin, pitching for Busan highschool.

Numerous media outlet sources other than SK sports donga and isplus news above indicated that Yun Seong-bin has been longing to play in the Major leagues, and, of course… MLB scouts have too been paying close attention to the 17 year old right-hander when he was still in his first year of highschool (currently in his 3rd year), and, out of all… it was the San Diego Padres team the one who showed the most interest in Yun, even stating that a 7-figure deal was already in place for him (which was 1 million USD)… Originally, Yun Seong-bin asked for a higher deal that’s worth at least 1.5 million USD, but both sides ultimately settled for 1.2 million because, the Padres didn’t budge with the 1.5 million requested amount.

At least, according to Yun Seong-bin’s agent, a deal has not yet been officially announced, nor finalized. The Padres still has at least 20 more days to negotiate to the 17 year old right-hander to fully finish the deal. But, based from what I see, though, it looks like his mind is already set to play in the US this year.

4 thoughts on “Update: Yun Seong-bin will no longer sign with the Padres

    • I was really expecting for him to sign with the Padres this July 2nd, but all those things went to south when the Lotte Giants GM, Lee Chang-won, went to meet up with Yun Seong-bin’s parents personally…


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