June HBPiD Report — Drama King Dancing

Yours truly is sorry to report that our seemingly never-ending HBPiD drought continues into the fourth month of the season. June left us high and dry with still no crotchball amusements to entertain us. I mean, how can you endure global warming without some nutshots to ease your suffering? We must demand better.  Write your Congressmen.*


At least this month, we got some delicious foul tip consolation, and there is video! To make things sweeter, said victim is a youthful lad who has not yet matured into taking such things like a man. Yes, there will be childish drama and boyish wriggling about on the ground. As you go into your long weekend, let this comi-tragic scene fill you with laughter over and over and over until your cup (ahem) runneth over. While life handed him lemons, we quaff the lemonade. Cheers!

*See what I did there?

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