He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/30/16

Prof:  Happy Friday. I have an extended weekend. Of course, I’m not doing anything super fun, unless you call going through 10 years of accumulated crap in a basement fun.

I’m going to need something to get my blood pumping, and maybe you do, too. So let’s do this.

Rangers 1, Yankees 2Yankees walk off for the second game in a row as Chase Headley scores on a passed ball by Robinson Chirinos.

Orioles 3, Mariners 5ProfThe Orioles have just set a major league record for number of home runs in June. Congrats, boys.

Twins 5, White Sox 6 Frazier hit home run number 23 to tie Mark Trumbo for first place.

Reds 4, Nationals 13Danny Espinosa hit a grand slam and the Nationals take thier 5th consecutive victory.


Marlins 5, Braves 8Prof:  The Braves can only play well when they face off against the Marlins. This is a known fact. Tonight is no exception. Hits came from everyone; even Erick Aybar got in on the action.

Dodgers 8, Brewers 1 For at least one day, everyone forgot about Clayton Kershaw.

Cubs 3, Mets 4 Cespedes hit one that had a damn stewardess on it.


Indians 4, Blue Jays 1The Indians have now won 13 in a row and with that rotation, show zero signs of slowing down.

Giants 12, Athletics 6Prof:  AL people around these parts laughed about MadBum foregoing his DH in order to bat as well as pitch. As one of the few who fully support pitchers at the plate, I was in favor of it. Except for the fact that it’s MadBum, and I’m sure you all know my feelings about the subject. Anyway, what’s the first thing Bumgarner does? Hit a double. Ain’t that something.

Scouts: You mean that error that was misplayed about four times, but we can’t ever call errors errors anymore because it might hurt someone’s feelings?  Yeah, nice double there.

loki h8r

Tigers 10, Rays 7Pitching, which is supposed to be Tampa’s strength continues to let them down this year.

Royals 4, Cardinals 2Kentrys Morales went 12 for 16 in the four game set against the Cardinals, including a 456 foot bomb in this one.

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/30/16

  1. “The Orioles have just set a major league record for number of home runs in June. Congrats, boys.”

    And Kim Hyun-soo was the one who did it to achieve that mark! Oh YEAH! Time to shake it one more time.

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  2. The Tigers were down 7-2 going into the 9th. They scored 8 runs in the inning to win 10-7. It was thrilling — most especially because the “field” conditions had been messing with their defense all game. They looked lost until then…and suddenly remembered that their thing is offense.


  3. Last night’s Reds/Nats game actually started off badly for the Nats; Gio was on the bump, and it looked like he wasn’t going to waste any time Gio-ing, starting with a walk, a double, and an HBP to load the bases with none out. He managed to get a double play and flyout to escape with only one run given up, though.

    After that, the rout began in earnest, as the Nats got four in the bottom of the 1st, with three coming from a Home Run from the player formerly known as Ryan Zimmerman; four more scored in the 3rd courtesy of Espinosa’s Grand Slam, which he hit right-handed (this will be important later); the last five came in the 4th, three of them on another Espinosa Home Run, which he hit left-handed, thus becoming the first guy wearing a Nationals uniform to homer from both sides of the plate in the same game. (Five Expos had done it, including Nats’ color analyst F.P. Santangelo.) Harper and Revere had scheduled nights off, and Werth and Murphy got subbed out after the fifth, so it was pretty much garbage time after that. Gio did melt down a bit in the 6th, but even he couldn’t undo what the Nats’ bats had done.


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