Giants, Madison Bumgarner Lose Thier Damn Minds

The San Francisco Giants have announced they will become the first team ever since the White Sox in 1976 to decline use of the DH in an upcoming game against the Oakland Athletics.  The Giants will instead opt to allow Madison Bumgarner to bat against the left handed Dillon Overton.  Apparently San Francisco’s bench is just that terrible.

Bumgarner is batting .175/.261/.350/.611 this year with 2 home runs and 5 RBI.

I could make an obligatory San Francisco/Pot joke here, but I think we are all a little above that.

“He’s a good hitter, he’s dangerous and we’re facing a lefty [in Oakland’s Dillon Overton],” Bochy said after the Giants’ 7-1 loss to the A’s on Wednesday.

Look, I don’t claim to be a NL guy, and I fully admit I know very little about the Senior Circuit, but this just smacks as insanity to me.  I get that Bumgarner is a good hitting pitcher, but he’s good for a pitcher.  That’s like saying that Aqua-man is a good water based Superhero.  There really isn’t all that much competition.  Also, are you seriously going to tell me you don’t have one single guy that’s a little banged up that couldn’t use a day off, allowing a backup to play the field while that guy goes to the DH?  This move is both insane and offensive.  Of course, we all know that despite all logic, MadBum will likely hit for the cycle while pitching a perfect game.  Or you know, blow his knee out running out an infield hit.

ScoutsEdit: This article originally stated the Giants would be the first team to decline the DH, however the Chicago White Sox did this in 1976, allowing Ken Brett to hit for himself.

17 thoughts on “Giants, Madison Bumgarner Lose Thier Damn Minds

  1. Among Giants with at least ten PA vs LHP this year, Madison Bumgarner is 14th in wRC+, behind such luminaries as Ramiro Pena and Denard Span. Even in the silly theater of in-season splits this is a dumb, unjustified move.


  2. I don’t know if I’d call not using the DH offensive (in fact, it’ll likely product little offense :D), but if the Giants are going to do this because they’re trying to make a statement against the DH, this is not the guy to do it with. If I’m a Giants’ fan, I value his 200 ERA+ WAY more than his 64 OPS+ in 46 PA. Why risk injury? Or, putting the injury argument aside, isn’t there someone who’s batting, I dunno, OVER the Mendoza Line that the Giants could use?

    Hmm…now that I think on it, it could potentially be offensive to the hitters (the bench players that are likely over the Mendoza Line) that were skipped over in order to have Bumgarner bat for himself.

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    • Such is the logic of the NL. And, you’ll note, it’s only a starter that they would even consider this for. I don’t understand intentionally handicapping your offense because someone is good on the defense. (And the first one of you SOB’s who says “But, Miggy…” needs to watch the first couple of innings of Pelfrey v Marlins.)

      The NL is for communists!

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  3. Really and truly, do you think that 2 or 3 more at bats is somehow going to increase the odd of getting injured? H He already bats in the games he starts in the NL! Do you think that playing in an AL ballpark somehow increase the chances of injury? Tell me how many Pitchers have been injured batting or running the bases as opposed to injured while pitching?


  4. Just a personal preference, but I’d much rather watch Madison Bumgarner try to hit a baseball than watch Angel Pagan attempt to play outfield.


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