Coastal Carolina College World Champs

The Chanticleers have done it! The Chanticleers have done it!

For the first time ever in any sport, Coastal Carolina is the national champion! Wowza.

They were up 4-2 going into the 9th. Those annoying “U of A!” chants were loud and obnoxious through the radio feed as I listened, and they grew louder when Arizona knocked in another run. At 4-3 with 2 outs, the Dbag Lites had a man at third ready to score…

Chant-i-cleers! Chant-i-cleers! Man, that was exciting!

And now Paper Lions will explain to you why it’s totally dumb to play ball in college…

6 thoughts on “Coastal Carolina College World Champs

  1. If you insist….because paying to play baseball if you can be paid (even underpaid) to play baseball that comes with far superior coaching and with a vested interest in your long-term health (especially if you are a pitcher) is dumb.

    The most excellent win by Coastal Carolina is no more evidence that going to college to play baseball instead signing with a pro team is a good idea than winning the lottery is evidence that buying lottery tickets is a good investment.


  2. What’s to happen to the players who go undrafted because their talent hasn’t fully develop, or want a college diploma? Do they just give up any dream of playing MLB ball?

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    • The point, obviously, is not that no one should go to school or that college baseball shouldn’t exist…because I never hinted at such a thing, but that if you already have the talent to be drafted…it is better (especially for pitchers) to start their pro career as early as possible rather than waste time and resources while risking injury at the hands of the generally inept college system..


      • Donnie Walton disagrees.

        He jumped to the 5th round in the draft this year and he went to Omaha for the post-season, but, yeah, he should be in Tacoma.


        • Again, that’s like winning the lottery.

          Every year there are dozens of guys that don’t sign or aren’t drafted because they’ve told teams they are going to school….that wind up never being drafted again because they don’t develop or get hurt.


  3. This brings back fond memories of 2003. The NCAA Baseball Championship that year was the only one in the history of Rice University. I rode that high for a long time.

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