The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Fam, pitchers are getting hurt left and right, and it distresses your friendly neighborhood Prof. While it’s true that I love baseball entirely, for me it begins and ends with the art and science of the pitch. This is why nine times out of ten I can only name pitchers on a team if it’s not a team I have a rooting interest in. Also, why my fantasy teams aren’t usually as good as they could be, because I pay so much attention to pitchers that I kinda neglect all the other aspects of actually having a team. I mean, you could say that I am the fantasy baseball version of the Braves – hoard all the pitchers!

Anyway, pitchers are dropping like flies these days. It’s getting to the point that I actually wonder if fans know about all of the injuries to their own teams. For example, there are some very vocal Twins fans on Twitter who seem to forget that both Glen Perkins and Phil Hughes have season ending injuries, and accuse them of being soft. Well, considering that Perkins in particular is having a surgery that takes almost a year to recoup from, the fact that he’s not out there saving games for Minnesota is the least of your worries. These Twitter trolls talk a big game, but somehow I think they would have a hangnail and cry for two hours. Let’s see how they do torquing their bodies at weird angles and have their arms and shoulders literally tear themselves apart.

Then you have your solid workhorses beginning to show they are human. Take Clayton Kershaw, if you will. This tweet from MLB Memes says what we’re all thinking anyway.

They desperately miss ZG right about now.

Pitchers aren’t the only thing going haywire this evening. This happened before the Toronto/Colorado game.

That’s some kind of storm.

2 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. Well spoken, Prof (or well-typed?).The human body is normally constructed so that we can throw about 50 mph, 55 tops. These guys are bringing it in the mid-90’s, while also trying to nibble around the edges of a target the size of a dinner platter. One little glitch or misalignment and you are Dizzy Dean, wrecking your mechanics and ending your career because a line drive broke your toe.

    I don’t know if there is anyone in any major sport who operates as close to the edge of what a human body is capable of doing as a MLB pitcher.

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  2. All the trolls saying how Hughes and Perkins are soft need to come out from behind their shields of anonymity, grow a pair and show their actual faces. Prof is most likely correct in her assertion that they’d cry like babies over a hang nail if their mommies weren’t there to take care of them.


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